Notes from the Occupation: A Reporter in Iraq

Carnegie New Leaders Event by Invitation Only

With Brian Palmer

Wednesday, April 23, 2008 05:30 PM to 07:00 PM


Full Disclosure is a feature-length documentary that offers a clear and nuanced view of the Iraq occupation from the vantage point of a reporter embedded with a U.S. Marine infantry unit, 1st Battalion/2d Marine Regiment. Upon returning from Iraq, Palmer followed up with members of the unit routinely, and he continued to monitor the situation in towns he visited in Babil and Anbar provinces through media accounts, U.S. government and NGO reports, documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, and interviews with returning servicemembers.

Many Iraq documentaries have been released over the past four years. Full Disclosure is different from all of them: It is both a reporter's boots-on-the-ground account of America's experiment in "nation building" as well as an examination of the embedding system's effect on his ability to report evenhandedly, critically, and compassionately.

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