Can Web 2.0 Revolutionize Corporate Responsibility?

With John C. Abell, James Farrar, Gerhard Pohl, Emily Polk, Steve A. Rochlin, Devin T. Stewart, Andrew Zolli

Friday, October 3, 2008 12:00 PM to 02:00 PM

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This Workshop for Ethics in Business luncheon will examine the intersection of Web 2.0 technologies and the effort to hold corporations to account for both the harms and benefits they create. As Steve Rochlin and James Farrar wrote recently in the Financial Times, big global challenges such as climate change, energy policy, poverty, access to education, and human rights exist where business and society overlap. Web 2.0 has the potential to enable meaningful dialogue, collaboration, and problem solving between companies and their stakeholders. Will it rise to meet the challenge?

Participants include John Abell of; James Farrar of SAP; Gerhard Pohl of Development Gateway Foundation; Emily Polk of; Steve Rochlin of AccountAbility; Devin Stewart of Carnegie Council; and Andrew Zolli of Pop!Tech.

This event, which is organized in collaboration with AccountAbility and SAP, is part of the Carnegie Council's Workshops for Ethics in Business series, sponsored by Booz & Company's strategy+business magazine. Support also comes from SAP, Merck, and New York University's Center for Global Affairs.

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The luncheon cost is $50 (fee can be waived for students, academics, and nonprofit professionals), $30 for Carnegie Council members. Please send your RSVP and payment info to:

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