Spring 2009 Poetry Contest

Wednesday, April 15, 2009 12:00 PM to 12:00 PM

Photo by Shirley K. O'Neil Scott (CC).


Dear Readers,

Global Policy Innovations announces the Spring 2009 Poetry Contest.

Theme: Spring is a time of renewal, something that is clearly needed in the global economy in 2009. Carnegie Council's Policy Innovations invites you to write a poem that captures this time of growth and send it to us. What do innovations, ethics, and globalization mean to you personally? Paint a moment of emotion—an instant of transformation, personal or political—illustrating humanitarian heroics or global solidarity. We will select a handful of winning poems and publish them in a special issue later this spring. Feel free to send us your poem through email, as Twitter #haiku, or via Facebook.

Deadline: April 15, 2009
Length: 10 lines or less
Original Work: All work must be original and unpublished reflections on the contest theme.
Publishing: The winning submissions will be published under a Creative Commons license on the Policy Innovations website.
Prize: Literary fame! Policy Innovations is a nonprofit, noncommercial global commons for ideas on crafting a fairer globalization. As such we run no advertisements and rely on thoughtful and generous readers and writers such as you.

We look forward to your contributions.


The inspirational ether.

Please send submissions to:

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