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A Conversation on Climate Change with Conservation International's M. Sanjayan

M. Sanjayan, Zach Dorfman 08/12/15

M. Sanjayan, senior scientist at Conservation International, discusses our climate-changed world, and why—on some days at least—he's hopeful about our environmental future.

When CEOs Become Activists

Julia Taylor Kennedy 07/31/15

Corporate leaders' influence reaches beyond the walls of their businesses. Discover how BP's John Browne and Shell's Mark Moody-Stuart influenced politics in oil-producing countries and how Browne and Apple's Tim Cook weighed in on LGBT issues.

The Bright Side to Big Data: Good Intentions and Ethical Questions

Julia Taylor Kennedy, Joshua D. Rothman, Bruce Schneier, Viktor Mayer-Schönberger, James "Chip" R. Coldren, Jr., Seeta Peña Gangadharan, Alex "Sandy" Pentland 10/28/14

How can big data promote social good? Technology and big data are delivering some big payoffs for our culture and society, while also posing some of the greatest risks.

Taiwan's Sunflower Movement

Wei Yang, Huang Yu-Fen, Madeleine Lynn 04/30/14

Two student leaders of Taiwan's Sunflower Movement talk about occupying their legislature to protest a trade agreement with little democratic oversight.

Should Foreigners Have a Say on Immigration Policies?

Arash Abizadeh, Christian Barry, Matt Peterson 06/22/13

As the United States moves toward a major overhaul of its immigration system, some feel they are being left out of the debate: anyone who might ever want to come.

Ethics Matter: A Conversation with Bill McKibben

Bill McKibben, Marlene Spoerri 10/16/12

Global warming is a test of whether our big brain really was a smart adaptation. Is it connected to a big enough heart, a big enough ethical sense, to get us out of the trouble it caused?

Thought Leader: Juan Somavia

Juan Somavia, Devin T. Stewart 09/06/12

Juan Somavia: We need economic and social policies that prioritize work as having fundamental value in society. That is not the case today. Today, the criteria for success is growth.

Confronting Youth Unemployment

Juan Somavia, Rahul Mirchandani, Julia Taylor Kennedy, Devin T. Stewart 08/09/12

With an unemployment rate three times higher than that of adults, there are 75 million youth worldwide looking for work. ILO head Juan Somavia gives his take, and Indian employer Rahul Mirchandani speaks about training youth for the workforce.

The Business of Peace

Steve Killelea, Margarita Quihuis, Mark Nelson, Julia Taylor Kennedy 07/23/12

Is it possible to quantify peace? Australian entrepreneur Steve Killelea has created a Global Peace Index, while at Stanford's Peace Innovation Lab, researchers Mark Nelson and Margarita Quihuis are exploring the connection between peace and commerce.

Climate Change's Moral Motivations

Garrett Cullity, Christian Barry, Matt Peterson 07/23/12

There is very little any given individual can do to address climate change, but that doesn't let us off the collective hook. Philosopher Garrett Cullity believes he has a solution to bridge the divide of moral motivation.

The Leaderless Revolution

Carne Ross, Joanne Myers 06/22/12

Countries the world over are suffering from a deficit of democracy, says Carne Ross, and it's not enough just to protest or tinker with the existing system. Radical change is needed. We, the people, must take on the burden of governing ourselves.

How Much Is Enough?

Robert Skidelsky, Edward Skidelsky, Joanne Myers 06/20/12

Robert and Edward Skidelsky identify seven basic needs that make up the good life, and they lay out some radical social proposals to achieve them.

Supply Chains, and China's Interests in Africa

Joshua Eisenman, David Shinn, Devin T. Stewart, Philippe Burke, Julia Taylor Kennedy 06/19/12

Ambassador David Shinn and NYU Professor Joshua Eisenman discuss the ethical questions of China's economic interests in Africa, while U.S. hedge fund manager Philippe Burke calls for a return to Made in the USA.

Cultivating Keystone Habits and Ethical Supply Chains

Julia Taylor Kennedy 06/07/12

In this episode of Just Business, reporter Charles Duhigg discusses the cultivation of good business habits, and Hasbro's Alan Hassenfeld explains the development of a global human rights standard for the toy industry.

The Evolution of Occupy Wall Street

Julia Taylor Kennedy 05/18/12

Occupy Wall Street has re-energized the conversation about income inequality, provided a forum for a wide array of causes, and experienced some serious growing pains. Four different OWS activists discuss the movement's successes and challenges.

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