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Top Ten Articles of 2008

Policy Innovations | December 22, 2008

Number 10. Photo by draml (CC).

Democracy topped our list of popular articles for 2008 due to the historic election of Barack Obama, but the rest of the list indicates globalization in discord: rising powers with competing visions, recession anxiety, and the intersection of new energy and the automobile.

Why Vote?
By Peter Singer

Yoga Bends the Globalization Stereotype
By Matthew Hennessey

The Melting Pot, the Salad Bowl, and the Confucian Ideal
By James Farrer

The Death of the Globalization Consensus
By Dani Rodrik

One World, Many Slogans
By Christina Madden

Rising Sun for Electric Cars
By Roy Morrison

Reverse Brain Drain
By Abigail Paris

The Perfect Storm for a Global Recession
By Nouriel Roubini

The Economic and Strategic Rise of China and India
By David Denoon

To Cope with Oil Shock, Emulate Japan
By Dilip Hiro

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