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Most Popular Articles of 2007

December 14, 2007

Dear Readers,

China… Trade… Food. These are the themes that emerge from our most popular articles for 2007, listed below by month.

It makes sense that these issues would top the list because they are some of the biggest concerns in the global economy today. They also intersect in one of the biggest stories of the year: the scandal surrounding China's food trade and the world's response. China's trade partners were able to do something that its own consumers couldn't accomplish for years—they put pressure on that country to boost scrutiny of its food exports for the benefit of everyone, including the Chinese consumer.

Globalization is a complex, tangled yarn, with winners and losers on every strand. We have had the pleasure of bringing that story to you, our rapidly growing readership, through the lens of ethics and innovation. This year, we also received much kudos. For instance, Google recently included us as a source for Google News and deemed one of our blogs a "blog of note."

We are pleased to report that nearly all of the content on this list is original. We have tried to give back to our community by publishing our original content under a Creative Commons license, allowing it to be shared widely. Without advertising revenue, however, we depend on the kindness of donors like you. A new page on our site offers various methods for supporting our program. Please give generously.

We wish you health, happiness, and success for 2008.

Sincerely, The Editors


The China Factor in African Ethics (January)
By David Shinn

China, the Unlikely Human Rights Champion (February)
By Stephanie Kleine-Ahlbrandt and Andrew Small

Ruggie Tells States to Mind Their Businesses (March)
By Susan Aaronson

Unethical Ethanol Tariff (April)
By Adam Dean

Nonprofit Brands: Don't Waste Their Power (May)
Interview with John Quelch

Prizes, Not Patents (June)
By Joseph Stiglitz

Chinese Sexual Culture (July)
Interview with James Farrer

The Tale of Sushi in the Global Economy (August)
Interview with Sasha Issenberg

Offsets, the Indulgences of Today? (September)
By Saul Gomez

ROUNDTABLE: The Future of U.S. Trade Policy (October)
With Susan Aaronson, Kevin Gallagher, and Daniel Drezner

Local Produce vs. Global Trade (November)
By Adam Dean

The Opt-out Marriage (December)
By Anja Boenicke


The Policy Innovations Core Network Search covers the websites of some of our partner organizations that are working to improve fairness and sustainability in the global economy. The following terms were searched the most in 2007:

  1. debt of united states
  2. fast track
  3. immigration
  4. microentrepreneurs
  5. ethanol

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