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Top Articles of 2009

Policy Innovations | December 18, 2009

Our most popular articles of 2009 point to key themes: ethics and economics, foreign policy fault lines, and low-hanging fruit for clean energy and climate.

Sex Slavery
By Siddharth Kara
Trafficking sex slaves is big business.

Peer-to-Peer Finance: A Flight to Simplicity
By Chris Cook
A simple but radical approach to lending.

How Japan Became an Efficiency Superpower
By Devin Stewart and Warren Wilczewski
The case-study for an efficient economy.

Mass Incarceration as Social Control
By Amanda Williams
U.S. incarceration rates mask deep social problems.

The Global Ethics & Integrity Benchmarks
By Joan Elise Dubinsky and Alan Richter
A self-assessment tool for ethics and business.

Black Carbon an Easy Target for Climate Change
By John Lash
Low-hanging fruit for clean air and climate.

The Persistence of Eurasia
By Nikolas Gvosdev
Breaking up is hard to do.

Is Ethical Capitalism Possible?
By Devin Stewart
The key question of the financial crisis.

GDP Fetishism
By Joseph Stiglitz
Time to redefine economic measurement.

China Rediscovers Ethics in Foreign Policy
By Harry Harding
Pragmatism prevails as China adapts to global norms.

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