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Desertec's Plan for Saharan Sun to Power Europe Burns Out

chinadialogue 01/02/15

Political and technical problems have sunk a mega-plan for huge banks of solar plants in the Middle East and Africa to power Europe with clean desert sunlight.

Rainforests: 10 Things to Watch in 2015 01/02/15

Here's a quick look ahead at what might be in store for tropical forests in 2015.

Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment

Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences 11/17/14

A team of researchers at Harvard is now trying to asses the risks of solar geoengineering.

The Drone Primer

Center for Study of the Drone 09/08/14

Why are we so terrified and at the same time fascinated by drones? The Center for Study of the Drone brings a report that reflects on the important and controversial role that drones are currently playing.

Empowering Women and Girls: The Impact of Gender Equality on Public Health

Deborah Derrick
The Lancet Global Health

Gender inequality is a strong driver of HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria. How can we reach out to women to correct this imbalance and save lives?

FAIRNESS AND ITS OPPOSITE: International Student Photo Contest


Carnegie Council announces its second annual International Student Photography Contest. This year's theme is "Fairness and Its Opposite."

The Ethics of Innovation

Christopher Fabian, Robert Fabricant
Stanford Social Innovation Review

An ethical framework can connect the worlds of start-up technology and international development to strengthen cross-sector innovation in the social sector.

2014 International Student/Teacher Essay Contest: "Imagining a Better Future"


What would you like to see happen during this century to make the world a better place? That's the question for Carnegie Council's sixth annual student/teacher essay contest. The sky's the limit! Deadline: January 5, 2015.

Madagascar's Delicate Democracy

Peter Hille 06/18/14

After five years of political turmoil and economic standstill, Madagascar is poised for recovery. The new democratic government wants to restore rule of law, tackle poverty, and foster growth.

Conflicts in Kyrgyzstan Foreshadow Water Wars to Come

Fyodor Savintsev
Creative Time

Photographer Fyodor Savintsev documents the landscape and crumbling Soviet irrigation system of Kyrgyzstan, a country at the heart of water conflicts in Central Asia.

Reducing Emissions Is a Sure Bet for Caesars Entertainment

Scott R. Miller
Environmental Defense Fund

As a member of the EDF Climate Corps, Scott Miller was able to squeeze even more efficiency out of the lights and fountains of Las Vegas.

Saving Tigers in Thailand

Anak Pattanavibool
Wildlife Conservation Society

A potent combo of tactics is saving Thai tigers: science, government-NGO partnership, new technologies, judiciary enforcement, and honor for the brave and fallen park rangers.

Japan's Change Generation

Devin T. Stewart
Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs

A new generation of reformers is bringing change to Japan, a country often described as stagnant, glacial, and arthritic.

To Lead Tomorrow, Future Leaders Must Learn to Read Today

Mabruk Kabir
World Bank

A country's destiny follows the learning curve of its children. If all students in poor countries were taught basic reading skills, 171 million people could be lifted out of poverty.

Green Politics Is Just High-end Consumerism (If We Don't Connect It to Race and Class)

Marc Bamuthi Joseph
Creative Time

It would be wise for the environmental movement to use the arts as a vessel for kindling empathy and inspiration in historically disenfranchised communities.

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