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Think Again: Japan's Revolutionary Election

By Paul J. Scalise, Devin T. Stewart | Foreign Policy | October 2, 2009

In this article for Foreign Policy, Paul Scalise and Devin Stewart say don't believe the hype about Japan's new ruling party and the supposed revolution it is launching. As the new government completes its first month in office, all signs point to more of the same old stagnation in Tokyo.

"The Recent Elections Are Revolutionary for Japan."

"The DPJ Is the Party of Economic Reform."
If only.

"The DPJ Will Shift Power from the Bureaucracy to the Political Process."
Don't count on it.

"The DPJ Will Dramatically Alter the U.S.-Japan Relationship."

"The DPJ Will Turn Japan into an Anti-American, Anti-Capitalist Society."
Not in your lifetime.

"As Japan Shifts Away from the United States, It Will Shift Toward Asia."
Not true.

Download: Think Again: Japan's Revolutionary Election (PDF, 599.23 K)

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