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Drones for Development

Project Syndicate 07/01/15

J.M. Ledgard & Scott MacMillan on the must-have gadget for remote parts of Africa, Asia, and South America.

U.S. Pioneers Water Saving in Fracking, But China's Nascent Shale Sector Lags

chinadialogue 06/25/15

Some U.S. shale oil producers are recycling water to save costs and to protect resources, methods that may be needed in China if the country experiences a fracking boom.

Revolution and Reaction in Biopharming

Henry I. Miller
Project Syndicate

Henry I. Miller says that over-zealous regulation is preventing plants' drug-making potential from being realized.

Like the Vacuuming, Non-profit Work is Women's Work

Stanford Social Innovation Review 06/19/15

If we want the nonprofit sector to innovate, we need to acknowledge the gender gap between nonprofits and the private sector.

Chaos is an Order We Don't Understand

Aseem Inam 06/10/15

Although many are among of the oldest in the world, cities in Africa, Asia, and Latin America are often defined as "chaotic." What can we learn from this apparent contradiction?

The Wall Street Takeover of Non-profit Boards

Stanford Social Innovation Review 06/08/15

Executives from the finance industry represent a growing percentage of board members, and an even larger percentage of board leadership, at some of America's most influential nonprofits.

Beyond Universal Education

Fazle Hasan Abed
Project Syndicate

It is time for the UN to move beyond a singular focus on enrollment numbers and grapple with the problem of quality in education. A child’s potential is truly unleashed only when he or she learns to spot and seize the opportunities his or her parents never had.

The Rise of the Changemaker Business

Ashoka 06/01/15

The responsible business of the future is not a company that cares about social impact, it is a movement that uses business to empower others to build a better world.

It’s Time for a U.S.-Canada Electric Auto Pact

Jim Burpee, John Haffner 05/28/15

The Canada-U.S. auto pact of 1965 was a major milestone, but it is time for a renewed vision for Canada-U.S. automotive cooperation and for governments to get behind electric vehicles.

Viva La Vulva

The Lancet Global Health 05/22/15

Viva la Vulva, a medical student society, is trying to raise awareness in the UK around female genital mutilation.

Climate Change and the Catholic Church

Jeffrey Sachs
Project Syndicate

Jeffrey D. Sachs defends Pope Francis from those who say he should stick to religion.

The "University Report Card" Highlights Need for more University Research into Neglected Diseases

The Lancet Global Health 05/13/15

Commercially driven drug development has rapidly become incompatible with the needs of society. Universities could have the key to the solution.

Technology and Finance: Darwinism or Symbiosis?

Andy Yee 05/01/15

An open innovative mindset on the part of both banks and non-banks alike will be key to modernize the infrastructure of banking.

Save Our Soils

Project Syndicate 04/29/15

Healthy soils are crucial to human survival. We rely on them not only for food production, but also to help regulate Earth's climate, storing more carbon than all of the world’s forests combined.

Girls, Not Brides

Project Syndicate 04/27/15

Graça Machel and Mabel van Oranje urge governments to combat child marriage by setting the minimum age for marriage at 18.

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