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A Fish Called Development

Project Syndicate 10/07/15

A call for world leaders to eliminate harmful fisheries subsidies at the World Trade Organization (WTO) meeting in December.

GMOs and Junk Science

Henry I. Miller, Kavin Senapathy
Project Syndicate

Henry I. Miller & Kavin Senapathy condemn the latest example of bogus research attacking the safety of genetically modified foods.

The Unfinished Sexual Revolution

Anne-Marie Slaughter
Project Syndicate

Anne-Marie Slaughter wants to shift the focus of the movement for women's equality to the role of men.

The Gift of Time

Stanford Social Innovation Review 09/28/15

Careful product design enabled Days for Girls to create a solution that empowers its users at a critical stage of their lives.

Climate Week Resource Picks

Policy Innovations 09/25/15

Check out the top five articles we have published on climate-related issues in the last few months.

The Emperor And The Activist

Paul Steinberg 09/23/15

Sustainability is a not merely an individual choice, but a social choice, and frequently a political one, requiring that people work together and press politicians and others in positions of influence to promote the public good.

Reading, Writing, and Refugees

Gordon Brown
Project Syndicate

Gordon Brown promotes an economical plan to educate Syrian and other children.

China and the Deep Blue Sea

Project Syndicate 09/14/15

James Borton & Nguyen Chu Hoi emphasize the environmental impact of Chinese land reclamation efforts in the Spratly Islands.

Skill-Building Through Business Education

Stanford Social Innovation Review 09/10/15

Models that tie pedagogy to business have the potential to provide revenue to help fund education and practical business exposure for students.

Wealth and Resource Consumption of Megacities

Chris Kennedy 09/08/15

How can megacities address global environmental challenges? A new study shows how ultra-dense city planning can be part of the solution.

Why Eco-Cities Fail

chinadialogue 08/28/15

A new book explores the failed promise of Dongtan eco-city outside Shanghai and why so many other ambitious green projects lie abandoned.

Is Uber a Threat to Democracy?

Kemal Dervis
Project Syndicate

Innovative companies like Uber can bring huge increases in efficiency. But they also bring social and regulatory challenges that must be confronted in a way that ensures fairness.

Probing the "Rescue Food/End Hunger" Parable

Kelly Hodgins 08/19/15

Kelly Hodgins questions a pervasive discourse in the food waste and food security worlds that suggests that food waste is the solution for food insecurity in cities.

No Agnostics in the Climate Foxhole

Project Syndicate 08/17/15

Those who claim to be "agnostic" on climate change are rejecting the scientific consensus no less than outright climate change deniers--and this is deeply troubling.

The Creative State

Project Syndicate 08/07/15

Mariana Mazzucato makes the case for rethinking the government's role in promoting innovation.

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