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Why Isn't Food a Public Good?

Jose Luis Vivero Pol 09/11/14

What would the world look like if we were to treat food as a public good or commons and not merely as a commodity?

Zhao Zhong: Lessons from the Bottom Up

John Haffner, Zhao Zhong 09/02/14

After an accident where nature nearly took his life, Zhao Zhong has been on a mission to protect the environment in his homeland of China.

A Storm in a Bucket: Lessons from the Ice Bucket Challenge Controversy

Kei Hiruta 08/22/14

Fun-based activism such as the Ice Bucket Challenge does not persuade you; it mobilizes you. That's why it's been so successful.

Health in a Time of Ebola

Prabhjot Singh
Project Syndicate

Efforts to respond to an epidemic should not undercut investment in community health workers. These medical staff are vital in areas where access to proper care and trust is limited.

Rose Niu: Conservation on the Tipping Point

John Haffner, Rose Niu 08/15/14

Conservation in China is a long-term struggle that has only intensified with rapid economic growth. To bring degraded ecosystems back, the country needs ambitious plans and a new paradigm.

Toward Understanding Our World's Moral Landscape: Carnegie Council's Centennial Projects on a "Global Ethic"

Devin T. Stewart
Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs

What do leading thinkers believe to be the greatest ethical challenges of today and the future? Carnegie Council Senior Fellow Devin Stewart writes on the highlights of this interview series.

Bonds of the Diaspora

Mahmoud Mohieldin, Dilip Ratha
Project Syndicate

Remittances from international migrants account for a large percentage of GDP in developing countries. What are ways to make savings easier for these workers and their families?

Japan’s "'76ers" Gain Global Attention: New Liberal Elite Can Change Japan

Devin T. Stewart 07/23/14

Change is coming to Japan. In this "Nikkei Business" interview, Carnegie Council Senior Fellow discusses his research on Japan's generation known as "76ers."

West Africa's Misguided War on Drugs

Kofi Annan
Project Syndicate

West Africa is increasingly enmeshed in the global drug trade. A new report from the West Africa Commission on Drugs calls for a different approach to drug abuse, one that treats it not as a criminal-justice issue, but rather as a public-health problem.

Urbanization and its Discontents: Educating Dhaka's Slum Children

Mabruk Kabir
World Bank

Dhaka, Bangladesh is one of the world's fastest growing cities due to urban migration. Children who end up living in its slums are 2.5 more likely to be excluded from school than the national average. How can we solve this inequity?

Does India Really Need a Women-centric Bank?

Raji Ajwani-Ramchandani 06/25/14

With plenty of banks and microfinance services already available, does India's new bank have the right strategy to empower poor and rural women?

Of Moonshots and Slingshots

Vinay Gupta 06/18/14

Only if policy people and technologists work together better will we change the world in ways that are congruent with our most critical human needs and planetary risks.

A Dangerous Dance in Modern Iran

Negar Rachel Treister 05/30/14

Any stirring of excitement about change in Iran needs to be tempered by the reality that change will never come from the current leadership.

3 Tools for Turning Fragile States into Inclusive Societies

Seth Kaplan 05/21/14

In Seth Kaplan's new book he identifies three tools for successful development in fragile states: social cohesion, an inclusive ideology, and incentives for elites.

Islamophobia Is Not Just a Western Problem

Kavitha Rajagopalan 05/14/14

The success of nationalists in India's election shows how easily an intricate social fabric can be rent for political purposes.

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