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Boys and Girls Are Born Equal: The Power of Challenging Gender Norms Early in Life

Pranita Achyut 11/09/15

A program in India is working to redefine masculinity and the way that children think about their roles in society.

Can Mobile Technology Help Make Sustainable Business a Reality?

Cornelius Graubner 09/21/15

How can we bridge the disconnect between the growing interest of business and finance in the sustainability agenda and more decisive action towards better social and environmental outcomes?

Creating a Level Playing Field for Social Innovators in Africa

Stanford Social Innovation Review 08/31/15

By supporting local innovators, we can solve more social problems and deepen our access to new systems thinking.

A Coming of Age for Impact Investing

Stanford Social Innovation Review 08/26/15

The new benchmark is an indication of a fast-growing and increasingly sophisticated impact investing industry.

More Than a Meal

Stanford Social Innovation Review 08/03/15

Technical ingenuity and private funding enable Akshaya Patra to serve hot, healthy lunches to 1.4 million Indian children every day.

China's Disruptors: How Alibaba, Xiaomi, Tencent, and Other Companies are Changing the Rules of Business

Edward Tse 07/15/15

Entrepreneurs emerging from China are redefining the nature of business—not just in China, but everywhere in the world. The new millionaires and billionaires are determined to ride that wave of growth and see how they can shape it to serve their own ends.

"The problems are so huge I can't be pessimistic"

Irene Pedruelo 07/09/15

A conversation with Cesar Harada, inventor, environmentalist, and entrepreneur, on oceans, the difficulties of founding a startup, and letting curiosity guide your learning.

The Promise of Lean Experimentation

Stanford Social Innovation Review 06/29/15

The work of innovation can be slow and cumbersome—particularly in the social sector. But by adopting a model that is increasingly common in the business world, non-profit organizations can launch, test, and implement new programs and services more efficiently and more effectively.

The Next Pig Idea

Irene Pedruelo
Policy Innovations

Food waste expert and environmentalist, Tristram Stuart, has had an unexpectedly big idea that could change the world.

Interview: The Guardian's Editor on His Climate Crusade

chinadialogue 05/11/15

"The Guardian" newspaper has waged an unprecedented campaign to keep fossil fuels "in the ground" as part of the fight against climate change.

Reversing Climate Change: A Vision of an Organic Planet

"Coach" Mark Smallwood 05/05/15

Mark Smallwood, executive director at Rodale Institute, claims that a global shift to regenerative organic agriculture can reverse climate change.

What Makes a City Great? It's not the Liveability but the Loveability

Irene Pedruelo 04/22/15

A conversation about cities, suburbs, and the consequences of exporting the "Western" city model to the world with Ethan Kent, senior vice president of Project for Public Spaces.

The Smartification of Humanitarian Response

Moses Sitati 04/08/15

The "data revolution" is underway, ushering a smart era of humanitarian and development work.

When Restrictions Apply

Stanford Social Innovation Review 04/06/15

Why general funding for non-profit organizations is the future of innovation.

Shakespeare on the Shop Floor

Rachel Burstein, Ann Kowal Smith 03/16/15

A pioneering organization is using literature to enable other sorts of conversations at the workplace—the types of conversations that successful companies need to have.

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