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Education Without Borders

Gordon Brown
Project Syndicate

There cannot be universal access to education without an agreement that we will cater to young people in conflict zones. A pilot project in Lebanon leads the way.

Make Eliminating Extreme Inequality a Sustainable Development Goal

Joseph Stiglitz, Michael Doyle
Ethics & International Affairs

Eliminate extreme inequality at the national level in every country. This idea should be included in the world's development goals.

Financial Innovation for the Wild

Philippe Douste-Blazy, Robert Filipp
Project Syndicate

Innovative development finance can mobilize private capital and public funding to create and commercialize technologies for regulating the trade in endangered species.

A Challenge to the World: Build a Better Conservation Drone

David Wilkie, Robert Rose
Wildlife Conservation Society

What would UAV developers design if they could imagine their inventions through the eyes of front-line wildlife conservation staff?

Humanitarian Innovators Swap Ideas at Annual AidEx Conference

Nicholas Rutherford, Neha Bhat

Nicholas Rutherford discusses trends in humanitarian innovation and the annual AidEx conference he runs where the sector meets to talk shop.

Reinventing Photosynthesis

Project Syndicate 10/24/13

Can artificial photosynthesis cure us of our fossil fuel dependency? Scientists at the California Institute of Technology say the field is primed for a breakthrough.

An Education Investment Bank to Finance Quality School for All

Carol Bellamy, Philippe Douste-Blazy, Robert Filipp
Project Syndicate

An education investment bank, capitalized in part by a financial-transactions tax, could extend high-quality schooling to all the world's children.

New Family Planning Technologies Expand Options for Women

Judy Manning, Zeda Rosenberg 09/26/13

New sexual and reproductive health innovations have the potential to revolutionize options for women by diversifying delivery forms, varying product duration, and targeting multiple health risks simultaneously.

The Right Social Policies Can Promote Intergenerational Ethics

Jan Hofmeyer 09/06/13

A new study by Bertelsmann Foundation analyzes fairness between the young and the old, and provides policy solutions for governments in aging societies.

Ghana Builds Bamboo Bikes

Bernice Dapaah, Neha Bhat
Ghana Bamboo Bikes

A bamboo bicycle builder in Ghana is working to end the triple problem of poverty, unemployment, and environmental degradation by training rural migrants in manufacturing and business.

How to Find the Treasure Buried in Your Mobile Phone

Matthias Weitzel, Christine Merk
Project Syndicate

Two German researchers propose a system for recuperating the recyclable metals and toxic substances in our old mobile phones.

The Story of Maria's Libraries

Eva Kaplan 08/05/13

Maria's Libraries is redefining what libraries can do for community development through a connected network of libraries across Kenya.

The Next Social Contract

Kemal Dervis
Project Syndicate

A radical reassessment of work, skill formation, retirement, and leisure is needed to cope with aging societies and evolving technologies.

The Right Green Industrial Policy

Dani Rodrik
Project Syndicate

Intelligent industrial policy should recognize errors and revise strategies accordingly. In the context of green growth, efforts to boost domestic industries can be globally desirable.

A New Primate Education Network Connects Conservationists

Tom Handley

The Primate Education Network is a one-stop shop for conservationists to connect and build relationships, share resources and best practices, and receive training.

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