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Shakespeare on the Shop Floor

Rachel Burstein, Ann Kowal Smith 03/16/15

A pioneering organization is using literature to enable other sorts of conversations at the workplace—the types of conversations that successful companies need to have.

Bye, Doctor, Hi, "Cloud"

Irene Pedruelo 03/11/15

A team of entrepreneurs based in San Francisco is turning the out-of-date diagnostic industry upside down.

Eating "Ugly," a New Healthy Trend

Jordan Figueiredo 03/04/15

England and France are using creativity to push consumers to buy "ugly" fruits and vegetables.

Let’s All Slow Down . . . Time to Prioritize People over Cars on our City Streets

Slow Streets
Policy Innovations

New research supports the need for North American cities to really shift towards "slower" modes like walking and cycling.

New Mobile App for Eco-conscious Consumers Funded by Google, Facebook, and Amazon 02/25/15

OpenLabel provides reliable information about the sustainability of 20 million products. The days of nontransparent labeling may soon be gone.

"I Like to Make Things that Do Not Have a Like or Download Button"

Irene Pedruelo
Policy Innovations

This Dutch designer is transforming the way cities and urban landscapes work and feel. Glowing trees and smart roads are just two of his revolutionary ideas.

"Soy is a Huge Cloud Over All Agriculture"

Irene Pedruelo
Policy Innovations

Kathryn Redford has a mission: revolutionize the meat industry. How? By using insects in animal feed, instead of soy or corn.

Could Open Labs Be the Key to Cracking the World’s Toughest Health Problems?

The Lancet Global Health 11/25/14

Despite the evident benefits inherent to open disease research and treatment development, investment in open labs has been scarce.

Berliners Await Landmark Decision on Sale of City's Power Grid

chinadialogue 11/14/14

Two young activists are trying to buy Berlin's electric grid in order to promote renewable energy.

Conservationists Use Social Media to Take on Peru's Booming Illegal Wildlife Trade 09/23/14

The illegal wildlife trade has long been ignored in Peru, but changes are afoot.

The Next Generation Greenhouse

Esther Dyson 08/27/14

Four Dutch engineers have started a revolution. They have developed plan production units the size of a city block and just a few stories high capable of producing the same volume of crops as a large farm.

Can Drones Save Namibia's Wildlife?

Jason Gregg, Joe Noci 07/18/14

In Namibia, Joe and Gisela Noci's Survoyeur drones, which they design and build from scratch, have proven to be effective anti-poaching tools.

Now They're Cooking: SolSource Harnesses the Himalayan Sun

John Haffner, Scot Frank, Catlin Powers 06/16/14

With a solar cooker designed through community consultation, two young innovators are delivering clean energy to remote mountain villages, as well as your backyard BBQ.

India's National Green Tribunal: An Environmental Justice Experiment

Aditi Sen 06/11/14

India's National Green Tribunal provides the country with a more accountable legal mechanism to protect the environment and those whose livelihoods depend on it.

Medellín: A Light Unto Cities

Joseph Stiglitz
Project Syndicate

Once notorious for its drug gangs, the tale of the Medellín's innovative transformation holds important lessons for urban areas everywhere.

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