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000008 (Investing in People and Sustainable Communities) 69.56 K
01016 ("Free Market" Economics and Feminist Alternatives) 1.78 M
01017 (A Comparative Analysis of Selected Asian Countries) 52.86 K
01018 (A Development-Focused Agricultural Deal) 135.28 K
01019 (A Development-focused Allocation of the Special Drawing Rights) 232.13 K
01020 (A Fair Globalization: Creating Opportunity for All) 1.55 K
01021 (A Fiscal Insurance Proposal for the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union) 306.20 K
01022 (A Global Lottery and a Global Premium Bond) 305.83 K
01023 (A New Voting Structure for the IMF) 159.33 K
01024 (A Possible Scenario for a Deal in Agricultural Trade Reform) 126.77 K
01026 (A Survey of Global Commissions and Processes of Global Governance) 204.73 K
01027 (Accountability, Governance and Reform in the International Financial Institutions) 207.10 K
01028 (Achieving Long-Term Debt Sustainability in All Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPCs)) 325.75 K
01029 (After Neoliberalism, What?) 188.79 K
01030 (Agricultural Trade: Time for a New Framework) 159.54 K
01031 (Alternatives to Inflation Targeting Monetary Policy for Stable and Egalitarian Growth) 237.30 K
01032 (An Analysis of IMF Conditionality) 230.41 K
01033 (Applying Economics to Economists) 400.58 K
01034 ("Assessing Aid" and Global Governance) 101.01 K
01035 (Assessing the Risks in the Private Provision of Essential Services) 324.60 K
01036 (Avoiding the Stabilization Trap) 179.46 K
01037 (Burden Sharing at the IMF) 224.45 K
01038 (Can Integration Into the World Economy Substitute for a Development Strategy?) 30.73 K
01039 (Capacity Utilization, Income Distribution, and the Urban Informal Sector: An Open-Economy Model) 1.34 K
01040 (Capital Account Liberalisation and Poverty) 181.66 K
01041 (Capital Account Regulation in Chile and Colombia) 199.36 K
01042 (Capital Flows, Capital Account Regimes, and Foreign Exchange Rate Regimes in Africa) 428.17 K
01043 (Capital Management Techniques in Developing Countries) 313.85 K
01044 (Capital Management Techniques in Seven Developing Countries During the 1990s) 137.15 K
01045 (Commodities Under Neo-liberalism: the Case of Cocoa) 544.73 K
01047 (Comparative Study of National Poverty-Reduction Strategies: Côte d'Ivoire, Benin, Burkina Faso, Madagascar) 78.17 K
01048 (Comparison of National Poverty Reduction Strategies: Cameroon, Ethiopia, Mali and Senegal) 611.24 K
01049 (Creating International Credit Rules and the Multilateral Agreement on Investment: What are the Alternatives?) 1.13 K
01050 (Crises and the Poor: A Template for Action) 923
01051 (Current Economic Conditions in Myanmar and Options for Sustainable Growth) 86.05 K
01052 (Democratizing Global Economic Governance) 310.24 K
01053 (Domestic Demand-Led Growth: A New Paradigm for Development) 186.92 K
01054 (Economic Transformation and Multilateral Reform) 240.78 K
01055 (Economics Forever: Building Sustainability into Economic Policy) 106.12 K
01056 (Labour Market Trends and Globalization's Impact on Them) 1.21 K
01057 (Employment-Oriented Central Bank Policy in an Integrated World Economy: A Reform Proposal for South Africa) 2.26 K
01058 (Environmental Taxation and Revenue for Development) 236.36 K
01059 (Equitable Carbon Revenue Distribution under an International Emissions Trading Regime) 313.36 K
01060 (Macroeconomic Policy, Inequality and Poverty Reduction in India and China) 2.97 K
01061 (Financial Liberalization, Fragility and the Socialization of Risk: Can Capital Controls Work?) 1.69 K
01062 (Fiscal Strategy for Growth and Employment in Pakistan: An Alternative Consideration) 157.49 K
01063 (Five Kinds of Capital: Useful Concepts for Sustainable Development) 48.12 K
01064 (Food Sovereignty: Global Rallying Cry of Farmer Movements) 191.41 K
01065 (Forging a Deal on Agricultural Trade Reform) 130.22 K
01067 (Getting the Prices Wrong: The Limits of Market-Based Environmental Policy) 36.02 K
01068 (Global Apparel Production and Sweatshop Labor: Can Raising Retail Prices Finance Living Wages?) 102.44 K
01069 (Globalization and Employment: New Opportunities, Real Threats) 131.20 K
01070 (Globalization and Redistribution: Feasible Egalitarianism in a Competitive World) 239.46 K
01071 (Globalization and the Fiscal Autonomy of the State) 129.74 K
01072 (Globalization and the Transition to Egalitarian Development (Draft)) 362.88 K
01073 (Growth and Poverty-Focused Human Development) 93.14 K
01074 (Growth Strategies and Poverty Reduction) 322.85 K
01075 (Growth, Income Distribution, and Poverty: A Review) 325.51 K
01076 (Harvesting the Rain: Fighting Ecological Poverty Through Participatory Democracy) 1.59 M
01077 (Human Security Now) 952.68 K
01078 (Impact Assessment for Macroeconomic Poverty Policy) 192.24 K
01079 (Income Distribution Policies for Faster Poverty Reduction) 1.68 K
01080 (Increasing Poverty in a Globalised World) 294.55 K
01081 (Informalization, Economic Growth and the Challenge of Creating Viable Labor Standards in Developing Countries) 425.23 K
01082 (Innovative Sources for Development Finance: Over-Arching Issues) 200.52 K
01083 (International Financial Institutions and Financial Accountability) 2.34 K
01084 (International Price-Fixing Cartels and Developing Countries: A Discussion of Effects and Policy Remedies) 544.80 K
01085 (Is Minimum Wage an Effective Tool to Provide Decent Jobs and Reduce Poverty?) 135.19 K
01086 (Labour Market and Income Inequality-What Are The New Insights After The Washington Consensus?) 553.54 K
01087 (Poverty Reduction) 44.91 K
01089 (Introduction to Macroeconomic Policy, Growth and Poverty Reduction) 3.82 K
01090 (Macroeconomic Reforms and a Labour Policy Framework for India) 1.95 M
01091 (Macroeconomic Reforms, Labour Market and Labour Policies: Chile) 1.89 M
01092 (Macroeconomic Stability, Growth and Employment) 325.51 K
01093 (Mainstreaming Social Policy Objectives in the Design of National Development Policies (Draft)) 688.67 K
01094 (Malaysia's 1998 Controls: Background, Context, Impacts, Comparisons, Implications, Lessons) 288.75 K
01096 (National Taxation, Fiscal Federalism and Global Taxation) 245.32 K
01097 (Natural Resource Management and Poverty Alleviation in Mountain Areas: Approaches and Efforts) 978.53 K
01098 (Out of Gear? Economic Policy and Performance in Post-Apartheid South Africa) 127.31 K
01099 (Overriding Jurisdictions in Global Financial Governance, and Long Term Financing for the Poorest Countries) 177.25 K
01100 (Payments for Environmental Services and Rural Communities: Lessons from the Americas (Draft)) 937.67 K
01101 (Poverty Reduction and Economic Growth: The Asian Experience) 108.29 K
01102 (Private Donations for International Development) 229.96 K
01103 (Pro-Poor Growth and Policies: The Asian Experience) 511.23 K
01104 (Pro-Poor Policies) 68.57 K
01105 (Pro-Poor Development: Distribution, Growth and Policy Interactions) 181.42 K
01106 (On Pro-Poor Government Fiscal Policies) 167.42 K
01107 (Pro-Poor Growth and Policies) 145.53 K
01108 (Pro-Poor Growth and Pro-Poor Poverty Reduction) 129.40 K
01109 (Rebuilding the International Financial Architecture) 183.45 K
01110 (Reconciling Growth and Environment) 76.76 K
01111 (Redistribution Matters: Growth for Poverty Reduction) 901
01112 (Redressing Ecological Poverty Through Participatory Democracy: Case Studies from India) 157.80 K
01113 (Regional Monetary Arrangements for Developing Countries) 198.23 K
01114 (Reinventing Industrial Strategy: The Role of Government Policies in Building Industrial Competitiveness) 524.32 K
01115 (Remittances by Emigrants: Issues and Evidence) 235.18 K
01116 (Report of the Meeting of Eminent Persons on Commodity Issues) 57.30 K
01117 (Rethinking the Development Agenda) 79.04 K
01118 (Revenue Potential of the Currency Transaction Tax for Development Finance: A Critical Appraisal) 311.82 K
01119 (Rural Poverty in Developing Countries: Issues and Policies) 1.23 M
01121 (Russia and the Ukraine) 168.03 K
01122 (Shifting Paradigms of Thought and Power: Problems and the Possibilities) 117.05 K
01123 (Slow Growth, Destructive Competition, and Low Road Labor Relations: A Keynes-Marx-Schumpeter Analysis of Neoliberal Globalization) 178.99 K
01124 (Strengthening Sovereign Lending Through Mechanisms for Dialogue and Debt-Crisis Workout: Issues and Proposals) 181.18 K
01125 (Successful Employment and Labour Market Policies in Europe and Asia and the Pacific) 2.01 M
01126 (Summary of Proposals to Reform the System of International Institutions) 519.17 K
01127 (Tariff Negotiations in Agriculture: Seeking a Compromise) 237.75 K
01128 (Telling Other Stories: Heterodox Critiques of Neoclassical Micro Principles Texts) 93.33 K
01129 (The (Forgotten) Rural World) 82.88 K
01130 (The Blessing of the Commons) 250.01 K
01131 (The Case for Capital Controls) 87.81 K
01132 (The Development Round of Trade Negotiations In The Aftermath of Cancun) 1.07 K
01133 (The Global Atmospheric Commons) 1.53 M
01134 (The Governance of the IMF in a Global Economy) 195.08 K
01135 (The International Finance Facility) 569.60 K
01136 (The Paradox of Agricultural Subsidies) 148.09 K
01137 (The Real Lessons for Developing Countries from the History of the Developed World) 353.17 K
01138 (The Revenue and Double Dividend Potential of Taxes on International Private Capital Flows and Securities Transaction) 225.12 K
01140 (The Way Forward in Agriculture) 155.19 K
01141 (The World Bank's Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper Approach) 199.43 K
01142 (Towards an Employment Strategy Framework for Sri Lanka (Draft)) 268.15 K
01143 (Trade Liberalization and Manufacturing Employment) 380.69 K
01144 (Trade, Growth, Poverty Reduction and Human Development: Some Linkages and Policy Implications (Draft)) 134.52 K
01145 (Transition to the Market and Poverty Alleviation Strategies: Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania) 79.80 K
01146 (Trip Wires and Speed Bumps) 227.69 K
01147 (Two Different Export-oriented Growth Strategies under a Wage-led Accumulation Regime) 621.73 K
01150 (UNDP Thematic Summary Report: Fiscal Policy) 523.63 K
01154 (Up from Sin: A Portfolio Approach to Salvation) 346.92 K
01155 (US and EU Cotton Production and Export Policies and Their Impact on West and Central Africa) 2.55 M
01157 (Visible Hands: Taking Responsibility for Social Development) 169.22 K
01158 (What is Pro-Poor Growth?) 151.81 K
01160 (Derivatives, the Shape of International Capital Flows, and the Virtue of Prudential Regulation) 1.56 K
01166 (Financing Global Development: Key Proposals and Recommendations) 165.58 K
01167 (Diversity in Development: Reconsidering the Washington Consensus) 42.33 K
01168 (Good Jobs, Bad Jobs, No Jobs) 22.29 K
01169 (The Development Imperative) 13.07 K
01170 (Debt and Trade: Time to Make the Connections) 39.03 K
01171 (The Americas at a Crossroads: Putting Decent Work Back on the Development Agenda) 285.33 K
01172 (Las Américas en una Encrucijada: Hacia la Reinserción del Trabajo Digno en la Agenda del Desarrollo) 287.46 K
01173 (Bogota Agenda) 156.44 K
01174 (As Américas em uma Encruzilhada: Repor o Trabalho Decente na Agenda do Desenvolvimento) 282.11 K
01175 (Globalization, Development and Democracy) 236.21 K
01176 (Joblessness) 1.00 K
01177 (The Employment Impact of Globalisation on Developing Countries) 254.58 K
01178 (Informalisation of Women's Workforce Participation: A Consideration of Recent Trends in Asia) 748.81 K
01179 (Targeted Foreign Direct Investment Promotion Strategy: Attracting the “Right” FDI for Development
272.26 K
01180 (Financial Intermediation and Fragility) 225.62 K
01181 (Economic Openness, Financial Fragility and Corporate Finance) 222.41 K
01182 (Resources Lost… Resource (To Be) Regained? Some Consequences of Capital Flight in the Philippines
157.64 K
01183 (Trade and Investment Cooperation between Asia and Africa: Selected Issues
177.27 K
01184 (Ties that Collide: Embeddedness under Democratization and Neo-liberalization
199.56 K
01185 (Globalisation, Trade Flows and Anti Dumping: Recent Indian Experience) 296.88 K
01186 (Implementing Inflation Targeting in Brazil: An Institutional Analysis) 232.70 K
01187 (Minsky's Financial Fragility Applied to the Case of Colombia, 1970–2000) 508.37 K
01188 (Trust, Freedom, and Wealth Creation: A Political Economy of Dollarization in Lebanon) 388.56 K
01189 (Why MES with Human Rights? Integrating Macro Economic Strategies with Human Rights) 3.01 M
01190 (Migration in an Interconnected World: New Directions for Action) 1.09 M
01191 ("Good Governance” in Monetary Policy and the Negative Real Effects of Inflation Targeting in Developing Economies) 260.44 K
01192 (Exchange Rate Policies in Latin American and East and Southeast Asia) 216.24 K
01193 (Changes in Manufacturing Employment in South Africa, 1970–2004
256.27 K
01194 (Mobilising Political Will) 43.03 K
01195 (Climbing the Technological Ladder:
Options for Developing Economies Exports against the "New Terms of Trade Pessimism” (Draft)
224.02 K
01196 (China in Perspective: From Economic 'Miracle' to Human Development?) 309.93 K
01197 (The Global Migration of Talent: What Does it Mean for Developing Countries?) 1.20 K
01198 (Give Us Your Best and Your Brightest) 26.38 K
01199 (A Better Globalization) 33.27 K
01201 (The Costs and Benefits of Trade Facilitation) 219.85 K
01202 (Making Open Markets Work for Development) 2.46 K
01203 (Trade for Development) 6.99 K
01204 (On the Changing, Not Ending, Significance of Industrial Policy) 218.81 K
01205 (The End of Poverty) 7.92 K
01206 (What Regional Integration and Economic Partnership Agreements Make Sense at this Time for Africa?
255.60 K
01207 (Building Alternatives to Neo-Liberal Globalisation: The Challenges Facing NEPAD) 1012
01208 (Trades Union Congress (Ghana) and Internal Democracy: An Essential Component for Social Engagement) 81.75 K
01209 (Expanding National Policy Space for Development: Why the Multilateral Trading System Must Change) 3.37 K
01210 (Alternatives to Economic Globalization: A Better World Is Possible) 37.59 K
01211 (Restructuring the Global Economy) 74.69 K
01215 (Governing Globalization - Globalizing Governance: New Approaches to Global Problem Solving) 5.24 K
01216 (Ethics, Economic Advice, and Economic Policy) 104.59 K
01218 (Globalization, Inequality and Poverty) 1.45 K
01219 (Limits to Universal Trade Liberalisation:
The Post-ATC Scenario of Textiles & Clothing Sector in South Asia
283.60 K
01220 (Special and Differential Treatment in Trade Regimes: A Comparative Analysis between GATT, the WTO, the FTAA, and Cotonou
207.15 K
01221 (The Role of Credit in the Growth of Iranian Cooperatives) 239.08 K
01222 (Labor Market Participation Decisions of Married Women: Evidence from Turkey
184.16 K
01223 (Using Fractionalization Indexes: Deriving methodological principles for growth studies from time series evidence
280.21 K
01224 (Is the Pattern of Wage Differentials Stable Over Time? A Cluster Analysis in Turkish Manufacturing Industry
316.34 K
01225 (More Than Charity: Cosmopolitan Alternatives to the "Singer Solution") 120.04 K
01226 (Washington Contentious: Economic Policies for Social Equity in Latin America) 2.51 K
01227 ("Good Governance" for Whom?) 3.28 K
01228 (In Search of the Diaspora Effect: Lessons from Taiwanese and Indian ‘brain gain’ for Jamaican ‘brain drain’) 380.07 K
01229 (An Enquiry into Time Allocation and Rural Household Production, and Their Implications for Economic Well-Being
167.82 K
01230 (Labour's Platform for the Americas: Decent Work for Sustainable Development in the Americas) 1.98 M
01231 (Putting Development First: The Importance of Policy Space in the WTO and IFIs) 40.68 K
01232 (The Post Washington Consensus Consensus) 1.26 K
01233 (The Future of Global Governance) 848
01234 (Migration and Development) 1.92 K
01236 (Reforming Labor Market Institutions: Unemployment Insurance and Employment Protection) 1.70 K
01237 (Financing Africa's Future Growth and Development: Some Innovations) 2.15 K
01238 (The Coffers Are Not Empty: Financing for Sustainable Development and the Role of the UN) 982
01239 (Report of the International Conference on Financing for Development) 1.21 K
01241 (Understanding the Relationship between Institutions and Economic Development) 103.77 K
01242 (Reform Proposals for the Governance Structures of the International Financial Institutions) 221.48 K
01244 (One World: The Ethics of Globalization) 16.14 K
01246 (Changing Course: Alternative Approaches to Achieve the Millennium Development Goals and Fight HIV/AIDS) 4.88 M
01247 (Toward a People-Centered Approach to Development) 110.06 K
01248 (The WTO Negotiations on Industrial Tariffs: What Is at Stake for Developing Countries?) 238.57 K
01249 (Debating the Tobin Tax) 1.75 K
01250 (Policy Space in Historical Perspective) 183.05 K
01252 (Making Global Trade Work for People) 719
01253 (The Global Governance of Trade) 3.00 K
01254 (Gender, Poverty and Trade) 3.28 K
01255 (The Multilateral Trading System: A Development Perspective) 2.34 K
01256 (The Macroeconomics of Poverty Reduction: Initial Findings of the UNDP Asia-Pacific Regional Programme) 2.22 K
01257 (Fair Trade for All: How Trade Can Promote Development) 6.75 K
01258 (After the WTO Hong Kong Ministerial Meeting: What Is at Stake?) 185.85 K
01259 (Improving the Voice of Developing Countries in the Governance of International Financial Institutions) 51.43 K
01260 (WTO Ministerial Outcome Imbalanced Against Developing Countries) 1.41 K
01261 (Policy Coherence Towards East Asia: Development Challenges for OECD Countries) 1.60 K
01262 (The Priority of Human Development) 223.18 K
01263 (Realizing Rights: Challenges for the International Forum on Development) 109.91 K
01264 (Capital Market Liberalization, Poverty and Inequality) 1.79 K
01265 (After Neoliberalism: Economic Policies That Work for the Poor) 5.41 K
01266 (Interview with Noam Chomsky on Labor's Platform for the Americas and the World Social Forum 2006) 870
01267 (Helping Workers to Navigate in "Globalized" Labour Markets) 1.27 K
01268 (The Role of Employment in Promoting the Millenium Development Goals) 104.02 K
01269 (The Impact on Advanced Economies of North-South Trade in Manufacturing and Services) 292.06 K
01270 (The Hardest Job in the World: Five Crucial Tasks for the New President of the World Bank) 686
01271 (Challenges to the World bank and IMF: Developing Country Perspectives) 8.12 K
01272 (World Trading System and Development Concerns) 381.20 K
01273 (Can Sustainable Development Survive Neoliberalism?) 175.95 K
01274 (Reforming the Governance of the IMF and the World Bank) 56.99 K
01275 (The IMF and the World Bank at Sixty) 42.37 K
01276 (The Bretton Woods Institutions: Governance without Legitimacy?) 8.15 K
01278 (The DOHA Round After Hong Kong: A Preliminary Evaluation of Progress Made at the Hong Kong Ministerial) 2.85 K
01279 (The Linkages Between Open Services Markets and Technology Transfer) 1.67 K
01280 (Rights-Based Approach to Trade) 205.28 K
01281 (Developed Countries' Trade Policies: Disguised Unilateralism) 303.00 K
01282 (Opening Up Trade in Services: Crucial for Economic Growth) 2.23 K
01283 (The Relative Impact of Trade Liberalization on Developing Countries) 1.00 M
01284 (The "Singapore Issues" in the WTO: Implications and Recent Developments) 403.39 K
01285 (Monetary and Exchange Rate Policies in Argentina After the Convertibility Regime) 282.53 K
01286 (External Debt, Growth and Sustainability) 451.35 K
01287 (Real Exchange Rate, Monetary Policy and Employment: Economic Development in a Garden of Forking Paths) 269.16 K
01288 (Taxation Policy and Development) 327.58 K
01289 (The Argentinian Debt: History, Default and Restructuring) 328.14 K
01290 (Globalization and Financial Crises in Latin America) 75.23 K
01291 (Tax Us If You Can) 1.31 K
01293 (The Virtues of Prudential Regulation in Financial Markets) 1.50 K
01294 (From the Boom in Capital Inflows to Financial Traps) 1.83 K
01295 (Dealing Justly with Debt) 1.08 K
01296 (Resolving the International Debt Crises Fairly) 1.44 K
01297 (Improving Financial Markets: Regulatory Proposals to Dampen Disruptions and Deter Distortions) 256.54 K
01298 (Capital Account Controls and Related Measures to Avert Financial Crises) 221.46 K
01299 (Comments on Capital Accounts Paper) 125.62 K
01300 (Global Finance Hurts the Poor) 398.23 K
01301 (Winners and Losers: Impact of the Doha Round on Developing Countries) 1.56 M
01302 (Job Anxiety Is Real -- and It's Global) 427.15 K
01303 (Trade and Labor Standards: A Strategy for Developing Countries) 751.86 K
01304 (Holding Intergovernmental Institutions to Account) 1.76 K
01305 (Delivering on Debt Relief: From IMF Gold to a New Aid Architecture) 1.28 K
01306 (Unelected Government: Making the IMF and the World Bank More Accountable) 922
01307 (Trade and Sustainable Development -- An Overview of Some Key Issues) 284.63 K
01308 (Governing Globalization: Issues and Institutions) 16.63 K
01309 (Mobilizing IMF Gold for Multilateral Debt Cancellation) 206.45 K
01310 (Tax Evasion, Tax Avoidance and Development Finance) 1.16 K
01311 (International Regulation of Transnational Corporations) 56.81 K
01312 (The Local Impact of Globalization: Ohio Dialogue) 1.85 M
01313 (China-Japan Oil Rivalry Spills Over into Africa) 1.89 M
01314 (A U.S.–Japan Economic Partnership: Beyond Economics, Geopolitical Insurance) 66.92 K
01315 (Hedging China with FTAs) 147.61 K
01316 (U.S.–Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement: Cementing a Geostrategic Economic Relationship) 118.81 K
01317 (Bolstering American Influence in Asia) 105.21 K
01318 (Labor Standards and International Trade: A Proposal) 6.28 K
01319 (Would A Cap on Gas Consumption Solve U.S. Energy Problems?) 2.12 K
01320 (In Praise of the Maligned Sweatshop) 116.00 K
01321 (From Concept to Reality: On the present state of the debate on international taxes) 916
01322 (Innovative Sources of Finance after the Paris Conference) 945
01323 (Globalization and Women in the Middle East) 40.94 K
01324 (The Arabs, Islam and Globalization) 150.71 K
01325 (Structural Impediments to Economic Globalization in the Middle East) 178.00 K
01326 (Islam, Globalization, and Economic Performance in the Middle East) 317.21 K
01327 (Challenges of Growth and Globalization in the Middle East and North Africa) 1.26 K
01328 (Energy in a Changing World) 1.00 M
01329 (Health in an Age of Globalization) 2.20 K
01330 (Globalization of Disaster) 1.43 M
01331 (A Critical Analysis of the Brazilian Response to HIV/AIDS: Lessons Learned for Controlling and Mitigating the Epidemic in Developing Countries) 181.40 K
01332 (United to Fight HIV/AIDS?) 116.37 K
01333 (Combating Infectious Diseases in East Asia) 1.55 M
01334 (The False Dilemma of the Sweatshop) 5.72 K
01335 (Trade on Human Terms: Transforming Trade for Human Development in Asia and the Pacific) 1.75 K
01336 (Bloggers vs. Mullahs: How the Internet Roils Iran) 66.17 K
01337 (Nixing the News: Iranian Internet Censorship) 1.09 M
01338 (New Media, New Publics: Reconfiguring the Public Sphere of Islam) 1.51 M
01339 (Energy Security in the 21st Century: A New National Strategy) 2.42 K
01340 (Fighting Hunger and Poverty through Pilot Projects) 1.01 K
01341 (Global Responses to Global Threats: Sustainable Security for the 21st Century) 3.48 K
01342 (Linkages between Pro-poor Growth, Social Programmes, and Labour Market: The Recent Brazilian Experience) 1.85 K
01343 (The Changing Role of the World Bank in Global Health) 4.69 M
01344 (Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreements) 231.50 K
01346 (Corruption in the Water Sector) 5.13 K
01347 (Tackling Corruption in the Water and Sanitation Sector in Africa) 3.88 K
01348 (Governance and Anti-Corruption reforms in Developing Countries: Policies, Evidence and Ways Forward) 136.53 K
01349 (Genetically Modified Crops, World Trade and Food Security) 3.05 K
01350 (Worlds Apart? The Reception of Genetically Modified Foods in Europe and the U.S.) 1.07 K
01351 (Is a Fairer Globalization Possible?) 160.78 K
01352 (The Moral Consequences of Economic Growth) 37.12 K
01353 (Beyond ‘Substantial Equivalence’) 1.87 K
01354 (Public Perceptions And Willingness-To-Pay A Premium For Non-GM Foods In The US and UK) 1.19 K
01355 (WHO study on modern food biotechnology, human health and development) 3.08 K
01356 (The New GM Revolution) 5.28 M
01358 (Reasoning about Responsibilities: Mining Company Managers on What Stakeholders are Owed) 1.38 M
01359 (Resource Extraction in Developing Countries) 2.42 M
01360 (Corporate Social Responsibility in Mining in Southern Africa: Fair accountability or just greenwash?) 131.65 K
01361 (Paradoxes and Dilemmas for Stakeholder Responsive Firms in the Extractive Sector: Lessons from the case of Shell and the Ogoni) 1.83 M
01362 (Indigenous Peoples, Resource Extraction and Sustainable Development: An Ethical Approach) 172.60 K
01363 (Diamonds are a Rebel's Best Friend) 139.81 K
01364 (CODE OF PRACTICES: Responsible Jewellery Council) 1.54 K
01365 (China's New-Rich and Global Responsibility) 348.50 K
01367 (The Next Thing: Camel Milk) 1.48 K
01368 (2005 UN Report on Ending Hunger, Millennium Development Goal Number 1) 147.86 K
01370 (Ecology and Economics) 1.31 K
01371 (Camels and Camel Milk) 1.34 K
01372 (The Determinants of Pharmaceutical Research and Development Investments) 1.55 K
01373 (The Ecological Footprint) 25.21 K
01374 (In the Public Interest: Health, Education, and Water and Sanitation for All) 4.67 K
01375 (Income is Development: KickStart’s Pumps Help Kenyan Farmers Transition to a Cash Economy) 215.04 K
01376 (Ending an Epidemic: The International AIDS Vaccine Initiative Pioneers a Public-Private Partnership) 233.36 K
01377 (Taking Animal Trafficking Out of the Shadows) 114.01 K
01378 (Rising Above The Gathering Storm: Energizing and Employing America for a Brighter Economic Future) 1.90 K
01379 (Stern Review Report on the Economics of Climate Change) 1.42 K
01380 (Introduction to the Inaugural Issue of Innovations Journal) 171.10 K
01381 (Development Assistance and Research Capacity Strengthening: The Commissioning of Health Social Science Research in East Africa) 89.73 K
01382 (Small Is Beautiful) 331.70 K
01383 (Exchange Rates, Growth and Inflation) 144.66 K
01384 (Manufacturing Industry and Economic Growth in Latin America: A Kaldorian Approach) 264.27 K
01385 (Dynamics of Innovation in Services: How ICTs Affect the Travel and Tourism Industry in Brazil and South Africa?) 214.99 K
01386 (The impact of international capital flows on the South Africa economy since the end of apartheid) 126.17 K
01387 (Explaining Botswana's Growth: With a comparison to Chile) 286.24 K
01388 (Balance of Payments Constraints in a Developing Economy: A heterodox theoretical approach) 208.09 K
01389 (Global Responsibilities: How Can Multinational Corporations Deliver on Human Rights?) 78.15 K
01390 (Globalisation and Economic Development: Policy Lessons for Estonia) 151.98 K
01391 (Who Better Targets the Poor?) 150.24 K
01392 (Policies for Structural Change and the Role of Trade in Development: Recent Experiences in Latin America) 265.14 K
01393 (Are There Gender-Separate Education Effects on Growth?) 231.05 K
01394 (Alternative Measures of Currency and Asset Substitution: The Case of Turkey) 528.72 K
01395 (Timing the Mexican 1994-95 financial crisis using a Markov switching approach) 190.46 K
01396 (Free & Open Source Software for Microfinance: Increasing Efficiency and Extending Benefits to the Poor) 180.08 K
01397 (Reversing the Brain Drain in Trinidad and Tobago: Can South American Migrants Offer A Viable Solution?) 325.28 K
01398 (External Debt Nationalization a Major Tendency on Brazilian External Debt in the Twentieth Century: The Shifting Character of the State During Debt Crisis) 88.71 K
01399 (Internationalization of Transnational Corporations' Research and Development: Analysis of the Insertion of Asian and Latin American Affiliates) 113.73 K
01400 (Prudential Regulation and Safety Net: Recent Transformations in Brazil) 89.24 K
01401 (Bilateral Investment Treaties) 186.78 K
01402 (Agricultural Subsidies and Trade: The Key Alternatives) 494.53 K
01403 (Ten Reasons Why the Rockefeller and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundations' Alliance for Another Green Revolution Will Not Solve the Problems of Poverty and Hunger in Sub-Saharan Africa) 2.26 K
01404 (Small Island Developing States: Trade Patterns, Determinants and Performance) 104.88 K
01405 (Context matters: how state forms and reforms influence water provision in Latin America) 161.46 K
01406 (Competitive diversification in resource abundant countries: Argentina after the collapse of the convertibility regime) 257.50 K
01407 (The Complementarity between Innovation and Competences in Developing Countries) 122.75 K
01408 (Foreign Portfolio Investment, Stock Market and Economic Development: A Case Study of India) 151.45 K
01409 (Fair Trade Marketing: An Alternative System for Globalization Development) 1.00 K
01410 (What Tanzania's Coffee Farmers Can Teach The World: A Performance-Based Look At The Fair Trade-Free Trade Debate) 130.70 K
01411 (Fair Trade: Three Key Challenges for Reaching The Mainstream) 171.66 K
01412 (Ethical Entrepreneurship and Fair Trade) 125.14 K
01413 (The $100 Laptop: The Next Two Billion People to Go Digital) 78.74 K
01414 (Microfinance as Business) 2.79 K
01415 (The China Factor in African Ethics and Human Rights) 25.99 K
01416 (Fairness in International Trade) 35.89 K
01417 (Fairness, Export Subsidies, and the Fair Trade Movement) 119.27 K
01418 (Yuan Revaluation Debate) 285.68 K
01419 (Korea at Center of Major Shift) 132.40 K
01420 (Extraterritorial Jurisdiction as a Tool for Improving the Human Rights Accountability of Transnational Corporations) 2.04 K
01421 (Noboru Maruyama Speech at 2006 Uehiro-Carnegie-Oxford Workshop) 6.77 K
01422 (The Political Economy of Corporate Responsibility in India) 1.43 K
01423 (Are Shorter Work Hours Good for the Environment?) 303.70 K
01424 (Payments for Progress: A Hands-Off Approach to Foreign Aid) 3.52 K
01425 (Global Integrity Index 2006) 1.32 K
01426 (The World Distribution of Household Wealth) 1.21 K
01427 (OPEN ACCESS: Lowering the costs of international bandwidth in Africa) 39.96 K
01428 (The Cultural Industries in CARICOM: Trade and Development Challenges) 43.68 K
01429 (Beyond Scarcity: Power, poverty and the global water crisis) 50.11 K
01430 (Biofuels production, trade and sustainable development: emerging issues) 1.19 K
01431 (Meeting Global Challenges: International Cooperation in the National Interest) 3.03 K
01432 (Low cost drip irrigation as a poverty reduction tool) 1.70 K
01433 (Urban Poverty and Development in the 21st Century) 1.86 K
01434 (The Social Benefits and Economic Costs of Taxation) 1.10 K
01435 (Let Their People Come: Breaking the Gridlock on Global Labor Mobility) 2.05 K
01436 (The Economics of Illegal Logging and Associated Trade) 3.09 K
01437 (The causes of corruption: A cross-national study) 273.41 K
01438 (Investor Suffrage Movement (Full Article)) 999
01439 (Capital Flight and the Hollowing Out of the Philippine Economy in the Neoliberal Regime) 1.40 K
01440 (Mandatory Disclosure of the Source and Origin of Biological Resources and Associated Traditional Knowledge under the TRIPS Agreement) 1.41 K
01441 (Stimulating South-South Cooperation) 1.15 M
01442 (The Economics of Failed, Failing and Fragile States) 543.14 K
01443 (The Role of the Informal Sector in Investment in Sub-Saharan Africa) 59.93 K
01444 (The "Resurgence" of Globalization into Sub-Saharan Africa) 305.51 K
01445 (An Evaluation of David Ricardo's Theory of Comparative Costs) 630.45 K
01446 (Is Fiscal Policy Contracyclical in India?) 99.45 K
01447 (Economic Growth and the Environment in China) 153.75 K
01448 (Increased Economic Openness and the Interface between Trade, Technology and Employment) 132.67 K
01449 (A Tale of Two Tigers?) 147.78 K
01450 (Regional Trade Agreements and Improved Market Access in Developed Countries) 135.55 K
01451 (International Trade and Employment in Labour-Intensive Sectors in Iran) 125.83 K
01452 (Employment Outcomes and Export-Orientation in Kenya) 132.43 K
01453 (Integrating Development in Climate Change) 424.94 K
01454 (Trade, Technology and Gender Wage Gap) 116.10 K
01455 (Globalization and Development) 50.17 K
01456 (The effect of a mainstream approach to economic and corporate governance on development in South Africa) 325.41 K
01457 (Microfinance: Getting Money to the Poor or Making Money out of the Poor?) 933
01458 (The South and Carbon Dioxide: Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining) 162.86 K
01459 (Ethics or Bust: Beyond Compliance and Good Marketing) 151.85 K
01460 (Social Impact Ratings: How to Make Responsible Investment Appealing) 292.46 K
01461 (In Search of Honesty and Altruism) 153.22 K
01462 (When Small Companies Dabble in Disinformation) 136.99 K
01463 (Foreign Investment and Sovereign Wealth Funds) 1.38 K
01464 (Why Countries Need a Donor Monitor) 137.26 K
01465 (Is Full Employment Possible under Globalization?) 1.81 K
01466 (Accountability in Complex Organizations: World Bank Responses to Civil Society) 1.67 K
01467 (Food Aid for the Hungry?) 3.03 K
01468 (Fair Trade: The Challenges of Transforming Globalization) 37.91 K
01469 (Who Should Bear the TRIPS Enforcement Cost?) 1.81 K
01470 (Liberalization of Trade in Health Services) 3.09 K
01472 (Analysis of the Role of South-South Cooperation to Promote Governance on Intellectual Property Rights and Development) 3.44 K
01474 (Building the Green Economy) 1.52 K
01475 (Promoting the Development of the South in the Trade and Climate Regimes) 1.60 K
01476 (EPA Negotiations in the Caribbean Region) 1.09 K
01478 (Emergency Safeguard Measures in GATS) 482.60 K
01479 (Business & Human Rights: Corporate Recognition and Responsibility) 1.73 K
01480 (Protect, Respect, and Remedy) 1.00 K
01481 (The Growth Report) 31.15 K
01482 (Job Opportunities for the Green Economy) 1.57 K
01484 (2009 Robin Cosgrove Prize Guidelines) 201.02 K
01485 (Buying Power) 1.20 K
01486 (Access to Medicine Index) 1.88 M
01487 (Framework for Responsible Mining) 1.03 K
01488 (Civil Society Benchmarks for the Doha Preparatory Process on Financing for Development) 1.60 K
01489 (Co-production: A Manifesto for Growing the Core Economy) 1.32 K
01490 (Financing the Global Climate Change Response) 951
01492 (TRIPS, Access to Medicines, and Developing Nations: Towards an Open Source Solution) 280.26 K
01493 (Postmodernization and the Second Enlightenment) 1.66 K
01494 (Global Climate Change and Sustainable Business) 52.77 K
01495 (Egalitarian Challenges to Global Egalitarianism) 333.76 K
01496 (The World Bank's New Poverty Estimates: Digging Deeper into a Hole) 2.73 K
01497 (Mediating Protests) 2.39 K
01498 (Green Recovery) 61.10 K
01499 (Removing a Roadblock to Development) 4.46 M
01500 (Ethanol and the Environment) 190.33 K
01501 (Does Global Egalitarianism Provide an Impractical and Unattractive Ideal of Justice?) 120.74 K
01502 (Nuclear Weapons and the Foreign Policy of a Post-Bush Administration) 785.96 K
01506 (Free Trade Rules) 1.35 K
01507 (The Measure of America (PowerPoint)) 6.47 M
01508 (The Democratic Republic of Congo: Rethinking State Building) 498.19 K
01509 (Ending the R&D Crisis in Public Health) 1.18 K
01510 (Digital Diplomacy: Understanding Islam through Virtual Worlds) 816.72 K
01511 (Understanding Islam through Virtual Worlds) 7.90 M
01512 (National Accounts of Well-being) 1.74 K
01513 (How Much Would You Pay to Save the Planet?) 100.01 K
01514 (What Will it Cost to Protect Ourselves from Global Warming?) 1.43 K
01515 (The Rise of the Intranet Era) 1.74 K
01516 (Rethinking Macroeconomic Strategies from a Human Rights Perspective) 1.24 M
01517 (International Trade Rules and Climate Change Policy) 1.17 K
01518 (How Corporate Social Responsibility is Defined) 1.01 K
01519 (Rethinking the Economics of Capital Mobility and Capital Controls) 1.52 K
01520 (Measuring Corporate Environmental Justice Performance) 1.28 K
01521 (A Progressive Program for Economic Recovery and Financial Reconstruction) 2.92 K
01522 (Principles for Economic Recovery and Financial Reconstruction from Progressive Economists) 13.79 K
01523 (Water: A Global Innovation Outlook Report) 1008
01524 (The Promise and Responsibility of Community Finance) 1.71 K
01525 (Slavery in Iraq) 26.97 K
01526 (Beyond CSR) 374.15 K
01527 (Natural Selection, the Human Genome, and the Idea of Race) 911.73 K
01528 (The Greenhouse Development Rights Framework) 2.22 K
01529 (Leading a Sustainable Enterprise) 341.15 K
01530 (Energy Discovery-Innovation Institutes) 1.76 K
01531 (Sharing Global CO2 Emission Reductions among One Billion High Emitters) 1.89 K
01532 (Child Savings Accounts: Global Trends in Design and Practice) 3.47 K
01533 (Global Savings, Assets and Financial Inclusion) 3.50 K
01534 (China's Wild West) 115.66 K
01535 (The Pitfalls of Manufacturing a Market) 1.65 K
01536 (Green Prosperity) 2.75 K
01537 (The Economic Benefits of Investing in Clean Energy) 2.76 K
01538 (Memorandum of Understanding to Enhance Cooperation on Climate Change, Energy and Environment) 41.16 K
01539 (Climate Change, Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property Rights) 758.16 K
01540 (The (un)Happy Planet Index 2.0) 4.69 M
01541 (Prosperity without Growth?) 3.17 M
01542 (Corporate Strategy and Inadequate Governance) 200.65 K
01543 (Report of the Commission of Experts of the President of the United Nations General Assembly on Reforms of the International Monetary and Financial System) 1.31 M
01544 (Japan: The Power of Efficiency) 558.94 K
01545 (China's Women Sex Bloggers and Dialogic Sexual Politics on the Chinese Internet) 1.10 M
01546 (The Ethics of Language Choice) 1.64 K
01547 (Civil Society Consultations with the International Monetary Fund on Reform of IMF Governance) 260.60 K
01548 (Free Trade in Health Care) 346.86 K
01549 (International Trade and Climate Change) 183.14 K
01550 (International Experience in Establishing Indicators for the Circular Economy) 569.44 K
01551 (Changing the Game of Finance) 100.94 K
01552 (A Roadmap for U.S.-China Collaboration on Carbon Capture and Sequestration) 1.18 M
01553 (Anti-Corruption as Strategic CSR) 2.04 M
01554 (The Consumption Explosion) 3.89 M
01555 (The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity) 7.02 M
01556 (Is Development Back in the Doha Round?) 327.45 K
01557 (Global Governance in a Globalized World) 63.46 K
01558 (The Energy Learning Curve™) 1.34 M
01559 (America on the Move) 1.26 M
01560 (The Ecology of Finance) 1.75 M
01561 (Estimating U.S. Government Subsidies to Energy Sources: 2002–2008) 2.90 M
01562 (Global Survey of Environmental, Social and Governance Policies) 88.99 K
01563 (Freedom to Innovate: Biotechnology in Africa's Development) 510.74 K
01564 (Growth Isn't Possible) 3.16 M
01565 (ACDC 2010 Call for Papers) 862.74 K
01566 (Confronting the Long Crisis of Globalization) 330.45 K
01567 (21 Hours: How a shorter work week could help us all flourish) 521.36 K
01568 (Rethinking Macroeconomic Policy) 241.07 K
01569 (Behavioral Economics and Climate Change Policy) 1.92 K
01570 (Agribusiness and the Right to Food) 191.15 K
01571 (The Diffusion of Policy Innovations) 193.71 K
01572 (Economic Impact of the CLEAR Act) 185.51 K
01573 (A Scenario for a Revitalized Japan) 252.03 K
01574 (China and a Sustainable Future) 139.25 K
01575 (Recovering from the Global Jobs Crisis) 189.46 K
01576 (Rising Tigers, Sleeping Giant) 257.94 K
01577 (Operationalizing a Business and Human Rights Framework) 2.59 K
01578 (The Green Economy: The Race Is On) 183.53 K
01579 (The Fifth Axis of Competition and Sustainable Value Management) 207.78 K
01580 (Development Trajectories) 62.11 K
01581 (Energy [R]evolution) 1.64 M
01582 (Strengthening Clean Energy Competitiveness) 2.67 M
01583 (Green Bonds) 1.43 M
01584 (Becoming Vulnerable in Detention) 4.15 M
01585 (Markets for Ecosystem Services in China) 1.96 M
01586 (The Accountability Web) 1.35 M
01587 (Technological Learning and Innovation) 558.10 K
01588 (Decent Work and Fair Globalization) 3.16 M
01589 (Reinventing the City) 1.23 M
01590 (At the Frontiers of Cycling) 323.01 K
01591 (Can Carbon Labeling Be Development Friendly?) 823.16 K
01592 (A Paradigm Shift Towards Sustainable Low-Carbon Transport: Financing the Vision ASAP) 1.89 M
01593 (Responding to Climate Change Mega-Catastrophes) 260.57 K
01594 (Energy Innovation at the Crossroads of National Security) 4.28 M
01595 (Assessing Progress in Africa toward the MDGs) 4.86 M
01596 (Public Works and Employment Programs) 722.62 K
01597 (Build Back Better: Strategies for Societal Renewal in Haiti) 277.14 K
01598 (China Policy for Dummies) 213.04 K
01599 (From Collision to Vision) 2.44 M
01600 (Do Roads Pay for Themselves?) 1.34 M
01601 (The Determinants of Food Aid to Africa and the Developing World) 2.10 M
01602 (The Energy Report) 17.08 M
01603 (Japan Loves You, Brother) 27.38 K
01604 (Inducing Innovation) 78.27 K
01605 (Urban Innovation) 131.68 K
01606 (Radioactive Revenues) 884.50 K
01607 (39 Innovations Nourishing People and the Planet) 1.33 M
01608 (Science and Innovation for Development) 297.53 K
01609 (Power and Conflict in the Contested Commons) 113.22 K
01610 (Grounding Green Power) 1.36 M
01611 (Medical Innovations in Humanitarian Situations: The Work of MSF) 784.01 K
01612 (Carbon Capture and Utilization) 1.32 M
01613 (Biofuels: Ethical Issues) 3.37 M
01614 (Exporting Energy Security: Keystone XL Exposed) 1.77 M
01615 (Viewing Japan from Vietnam) 40.87 K
01616 (The New Harvest: Agricultural Innovation in Africa) 332.49 K
01617 (The MDGs and Social Policy Innovations from South Asia) 134.16 K
01618 (From Canopy to Currency) 126.35 K
01619 (Development-led Globalization) 124.91 K
01620 (Salvaging Durban with Clean Energy Innovation) 155.30 K
01621 (Towards a Green Economy) 21.94 M
01622 (Social Protection Floors for Inclusive Globalization) 2.05 M
01623 (Overcoming the Global Impact of Neglected Tropical Diseases) 75.60 K
01624 (Small-Scale Bioenergy Initiatives) 332.84 K
01625 (Acid Rain: Reflections on 20 Years of Policy Innovation) 149.24 K
01626 (Resolving the Food Crisis) 163.37 K
01627 (Enforcement Not Extinction) 115.06 K
01628 (The Global Innovation Policy Index) 80.64 K
01629 (Impact at Scale) 132.29 K
01630 (World Happiness Report) 69.05 K
01631 (State of the Planet Declaration) 85.36 K
01632 (Hamlet without the Prince of Denmark) 91.35 K
01633 (Montreal and Kyoto: A Tale of Two Protocols) 98.29 K
01634 (Climate Change Adaptation Finance) 128.10 K
01635 (Myths and Facts: The German Switch from Nuclear to Renewables) 164.96 K
01636 (Between Coercion and Discourse) 2.83 M
01637 (Innovation: Applying Knowledge in Development) 54.64 K
01638 (Trust and Ethics in Finance) 118.87 K
01639 (International Resource Politics) 127.92 K
01640 (Crowdsourcing Good Governance in International Development) 293.62 K
01641 (Human Engineering and Climate Change) 401.04 K
01642 (Global Warming and the Problem of Policy Innovation) 227.08 K
01643 (Policies for Inclusive and Balanced Growth) 271.34 K
01644 (How Mongolia Learned from Chile on Managing a Mineral-Rich Economy) 221.53 K
01645 (Oceans of Innovation) 238.77 K
001646 (Seed, Fertilizer, and Innovation in Bangladesh) 304.16 K
001647 (Using ICT to Enable Agricultural Innovation Systems) 223.89 K
01648 (Allowing for Creativity, Social Complexity, and Uncertainty in Public Governance) 193.20 K
01649 (The Outsider's Guide to Supporting Nonviolent Resistance to Dictatorship) 147.25 K
001650 (Green Growth Innovation: New Pathways for International Cooperation) 406.50 K
01651 (Briefing Note: Background, Concept, System, and Market Approach of the Global Currency Union) 2.15 K
001652 (Ecological Cooperation in South Asia: The Way Forward) 301.20 K
01653 (Chinese Renewable Energy Technology Exports) 235.79 K
01654 (Fairtrade and Fairmined Gold) 168.37 K
01655 (Why Tibet Is Burning) 239.03 K
01656 (Global Norms as Public Goods) 250.34 K
01657 (Breaking the Binary) 312.98 K
01658 (Governing for Eco-City Innovation) 305.89 K
01659 (Nanotech for Green Innovation) 1.41 M
01660 (Innovation and the City: 15 Policies for New York and Beyond) 268.32 K
01661 (The Way Forward for Renewable Energy in Central America) 426.34 K
01662 (Civic Innovation Today and Tomorrow: The 2050 City) 244.84 K
01663 (Proven Anti-hunger Strategies) 248.69 K
01664 (Tackling Wicked Problems) 182.07 K
01665 (Skin in the Game as a Required Heuristic for Acting under Uncertainty) 97.62 K
01666 (Innovation and the City: Part 2) 315.61 K
01667 (Intergenerational Justice in Comparison across the OECD) 151.04 K
01668 (10 Things We've Learned about Tackling Global Poverty) 1.18 M
01669 (Nudging Legally: Checks and Balances of Behavioral Regulation) 109.29 K
01670 (Biotechnology Innovation for Inclusive Growth) 261.22 K
01671 (Climate-Smart Agriculture) 268.85 K
01672 (The Acceleration of Innovation in Climate Policy) 1.12 M
01673 (Ethics in Finance: Robin Cosgrove Prize 2012–2013) 1.57 M
01674 (Federally Supported Innovations: 22 Major Technology Advances) 194.88 K
01675 (Community Forestry in Nepal: An Innovation for Local Livelihoods) 422.38 K
01676 (Working for the Few: Political Capture and Economic Inequality) 299.55 K
01677 (New Growth Models) 355.64 K
01678 (Development AND Gorillas?) 214.33 K
01680 (Sustainable Sourcing of Phytochemicals as a Development Tool: The Case of Somaliland's Frankincense Industry) 848.98 K
01682 (Why Is Reducing Energy Subsidies a Prudent, Fair, and Transformative Policy for Indonesia?) 51.31 K
01683 (7 Policy Switches for Global Security) 104.44 K
01684 (Government Procurement Agreement Should Permit Environmental and Social Linkages) 76.69 K
01685 (Reforming Taxation to Promote Growth and Equity) 39.08 K
01686 (The BRICS Development Bank: Why the World's Newest Global Bank Must Adopt a Pro-Poor Agenda) 164.15 K
01687 (Advancing Sustainable Business in China) 51.02 K
01688 (The Rights of Nature: Reconsidered) 87.60 K
AgriculturalExports (Exploring the Linkages Between Agricultural Exports and Sustainable Development) 4.19 K
CSRandDevelopingCountries (CSR and Developing Countries: What scope for government action?) 1.74 K
ChinasInnovationChallenge (China’s Innovation Challenge and the Remaking of the Chinese Academy of Sciences) 464.39 K
ConservationviaSatellite (Conservation via Satellite) 1.28 M
DevelopingIndex-BasedInsurance (Developing Index-Based Insurance for Agriculture in Developing Countries) 2.07 K
DisasterviaAirmail (Disaster via Airmail) 158.39 K
FarmBillAmerica (A Fair Farm Bill for America) 2.06 K
FarmBillEnergy (A Fair Farm Bill for Renewable Energy) 1.66 K
FarmBillHungry (A Fair Farm Bill for the World's Hungry) 1.31 K
FarmBillWorld (A Fair Farm Bill for the World) 1.98 K
FromSinktoSource (From Sink to Source) 157.09 K
GISInnovations (Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Innovations For Primary Health Care in Developing Countries) 634.89 K
GenomeandNation (Genome and Nation) 205.64 K
GlobalClimateandHealth (Global Climate and Health) 364.32 K
MakingHealthcareAffordableforAll (Making Healthcare Affordable for All: A Proposed Model for Transferring Technology) 107.07 K
MakingSightAffordable1 (Making Sight Affordable (Part I)) 362.32 K
OpenInnovations (Open Standards, Open Source, and Open Innovation) 439.77 K
PromotingLocalInnovation (Promoting Local Innovation as a Development Strategy) 418.66 K
RegenerationofAgriculture (World Trade and the Regeneration of Agriculture) 2.61 K
TheNextInnovationRevolution (The Next Innovation Revolution) 191.60 K
TheProcessofSocialInnovation (The Process of Social Innovation) 177.13 K
ToolsforCompliance (Tools for Compliance in a Networked World (Case Discussion: RENCTAS)) 132.24 K
WhentheLandTellsaStory (When the Land Tells a Story) 144.10 K
abbott_labs (Human Rights Challenges Facing Abbott Laboratories: Risks and Recommendations) 2.02 K
alternative_leadership (Alternative Leadership Still Requires Ethics) 37.91 K
business_human_rights_summary (Taking Stock of Business and Human Rights: Policies and Practices) 6.86 K
cap_dividend (Cap and Dividend: How to Curb Global Warming While Protecting the Incomes of American Families) 4.57 K
china_responsible_future (China's More Responsible Future) 17.84 K
china_vulnerable_brand (China's Vulnerable Brand) 18.21 K
climate_mitigation (Mitigation of Climate Change) 786.18 K
debt_sustainability_framework (The New World Bank/IMF Debt Sustainability Framework) 81.55 K
deepening_integration (Deepening Integration) 69.39 K
emissions_game (The Emissions Game) 46.26 K
energy_innovation (The Energy Innovation Imperative) 665.66 K
engines_of_growth_south_africa (Which sectors can be engines of growth and employment in South Africa?) 439.89 K
exchange_specialization_development (Exchange Rate Policy, Patterns of Specialization, and Economic Development) 330.75 K
global_imbalances_and_developing_countries (Global Imbalances and Developing Countries) 44.87 K
health_insurance_zimbabwe (Exploring the Scope for Introducing Sin Tax to Finance a Universally Accessible National Health Insurance in Zimbabwe) 109.04 K
hu_first (Hu's on First?) 989
impact_inequality_rural_markets (The Impact of Land Ownership Inequality on Rural Factor Markets) 274.08 K
imposing_misery (Imposing Misery) 38.54 K
informal_sector_dynamics (Informal Sector Dynamics and its Role in the Capital Accumulation Process) 134.79 K
investing_climate_change (Investing in Climate Change) 963
korus_public_health (U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement: Public Health Report Card) 2.83 K
low_wage_work (Understanding Low-Wage Work in the United States) 2.20 K
m_pesa (M-PESA: Mobile Money for the "Unbanked") 1.17 M
medical_prizes (The Big Idea: Prizes to Stimulate R&D for New Medicines) 5.61 K
patents_compulsory_license (Patents, Compulsory License and Access to Medicines: Some Recent Experiences) 3.77 K
prizing_open (Prizing Open the Profit-Making World) 188.70 K
property_rights_resource_curse (Property Rights and the Resource Curse (SERIES)) 428.60 K
sector_specialization_matter (Sector Specialization Matter) 236.79 K
structural_change_developing_countries (Creative Destruction, Knowledge Appropriation and Structural Change) 83.08 K
stuff_legends (The Stuff of Legends) 3.49 K
sustainability_blueprint (Sustainability Initiatives across Key Sectors) 320.98 K
trading_away_oceans (Trading Away Our Oceans) 4.85 M
unchained_melody (Unchained Melody: Economic Performance After the Asian Financial Crisis) 135.56 K
vulnerability_poverty_labor_turkey (Linking Vulnerability to Poverty and Domestic Labor) 100.91 K