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The Development Round of Trade Negotiations In The Aftermath of Cancun

By Joseph Stiglitz | Initiative for Policy Dialogue | May 1, 2004

Initiative for Policy Dialogue (IPD)

CREDIT INFO: Stiglitz, Joseph and Andrew Charlton, "The Development Round of Trade Negotiations In The Aftermath of Cancun," IPD Working Paper, 1 May 2004.

Copyright 2004 IPD. For permission to use or distribute this paper, please contact the IPD.

The development focus of the Doha Round emerged from a renewed spirit of responsibility for the challenges faced by poor countries and the perceived inequities generated by previous rounds of trade negotiations. This study presents an alternative way forward for the Doha Round based on principles of social justice and economic analysis. It looks at the trade negotiation agenda from the perspective of first principles, presenting prodevelopment priorities that should form the core of the Doha Round agreements if there is to be widespread support for the continuing agenda for trade reform and liberalization.

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