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Financing Global Development: Key Proposals and Recommendations

July 7, 2005

This GPI Policy Brief outlines eight sources from which new funding can be drawn to help meet international aid and development targets such as the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The potential benefits and challenges of each proposal are examined, along with feasibility analysis from political and technical perspectives. Information drawn from "Feasible Alternative Sources of Finance for Development," a conference report prepared by Anthony Clunies-Ross and Christian Barry, and "Innovative Sources for Development Finance," a UNU-WIDER research program.

KEY TOPICS: Pro-poor Development, Financing, MDGs, IFIs, Tobin Tax on Currency Transactions, Global Lottery, Environmental Taxation, International Finance Facility

CREDIT INFO: Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs, "Financing Global Development: Key Proposals and Recommendations," 2005.

Copyright 2005 CCEIA. Permission is granted to reproduce or distribute this paper for educational and noncommercial purposes. Please include citation information and notify CCEIA of usage.

Download: Financing Global Development: Key Proposals and Recommendations (164.06 K)

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