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A Better Globalization

Legitimacy, Governance, and Reform

By Kemal Dervis | Center for Global Development | March 1, 2005

By Kemal Dervis and Ceren Ozer
Center for Global Development (CGD)
ISBN:0-8157-1763-6; $26.95 (Paperback); 256 pages


The huge costs of armed conflict, the great challenge of state failure, and the slow pace of international actions to address world poverty all point to weaknesses in the global institutional framework and the need for much more effective international cooperation. A Better Globalization: Legitimacy, Governance, and Reform is a reformist manifesto that argues that gradual institutional change can produce beneficial results if it is driven by an ambitious long-term vision and by a determination to continually widen the limits of the possible. It presses for reform on a broad front with a renewed, more legitimate, and more effective United Nations as the overarching framework for global governance based on global consent.

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