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Trade for Development

UN Millennium Project | October 18, 2005

UN Millenium Project Task Force on Trade

In September 2000 the UN Millennium Declaration was adopted by all the presidents and prime ministers present at the Millennium Summit, and it was endorsed unanimously by the members of the United Nations General Assembly. It grew out of a set of "international development goals" of 1996 and reaffirmed the commitment of UN members to achieving significant, measurable improvements in people's lives.

Millennium Development Goal 8 is the topic for this task force. Fundamental to this Goal is contributing to and upholding an open, equitable, rulesbased, predictable, and nondiscriminatory multilateral trading system. Upholding such a system is also important for achieving other Goals. The mandate of this task force is to explore how the trading system can be improved to support developing countries, with special attention to the needs of the poorest of them. This overview presents our main conclusions and recommendations.

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