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Alternatives to Economic Globalization: A Better World Is Possible

International Forum on Globalization | November 1, 2004

Edited by John Cavanaugh and Jerry Mander
Published by Berrett-Koehler Publishers
ISBN:1-57675-303-4; 2nd Edition; $18.95 (Paperback); 408 pages

The amazing outpouring of protest in Seattle in 1999 is widely seen as the moment when the worldwide movement against the relentless engine of corporate globalization came of age. 1999 was also the year that work began on the report that became the 2002 book Alternatives to Economic Globalization. That book spelled out in detail not only the (now) familiar critique of why citizens the world over should oppose corporate globalization, but also for the first time provided a comprehensive policy road map away from globalization towards a more equitable and just planet.
Now, as part of the ongoing effort to continue to show that "a better world is possible" — and to explain how the so-called "war on terror" and other events of the past three years are related to globalization—the authors of the earlier book have written an updated and expanded second edition of Alternatives to Economic Globalization.
Written by a premier group of twenty-one thinkers and activists from around the world and edited by bestselling authors John Cavanagh and Jerry Mander, Alternatives to Economic Globalization lays out the alternatives to the corporate globalization more fully, specifically, and thoughtfully than has ever been done before. This revised and expanded second edition provides crucial new information in three entirely new chapters covering the global balance of power, the continuing war in Iraq, the "outsourcing" of high paying American jobs, the media, and a primer outlining what ordinary citizens can to stem the tide of corporate globalization and strengthen their local communities.

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