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WTO Ministerial Outcome Imbalanced Against Developing Countries

By Martin Khor | December 22, 2005

Third World Network (TWN) 
Brief TWN Analysis of the WTO's Sixth Ministerial Conference, 22 December 2005.

The WTO's Ministerial Conference in Hong Kong on 13-18 December 2005 ended with a Ministerial Declaration that was imbalanced against the developing countries. The developing countries gave in on the key market access issues of services and non-agricultural market access. In return they did not receive any significant gain in cotton, market access for LDCs, or "aid for trade", the three main components of a so-called "development package". As for the 2013 end-date for elimination of agricultural export subsidies, the most publicized claim of benefit from Hong Kong, it was no victory. This greatest-distorting subsidy of all should have been eliminated many years ago, and no price should have been asked for it.

This paper is a brief analysis of the Hong Kong Ministerial by the Third World Network.

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