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Realizing Rights: Challenges for the International Forum on Development

By Mary Robinson | Social Science Research Council | July 1, 2005

Social Science Research Council
The Development Imperative: Toward a People-Centered Approach, New York: Social Science Research Council, 2005.
"The International Forum for Development has the potential to serve as a think tank and catalyst for fostering viable alternatives to mainstream trade and development strategies which will ensure greater social equity and which will draw more extensively on the experience and knowledge of countries and experts from the global South. IFD’s annual meeting is one important vehicle for highlighting this work to key policymakers and advocacy organizations and for building new alliances for change. I am particularly pleased that our first annual conference included a public session open to interested individuals, groups and organizations concerned with social justice and equitable development as well as a number of smaller panel discussions which will bring together UN delegates and civil society organizations to address themes of particular concern to the NGO and civil society community. It is that connection—between the best academic research and policy alternatives, policymakers in government and civil society actors—that is missing today and which prevents necessary reforms in so many cases."

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