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The IMF and the World Bank at Sixty

By Ariel Buira | Intergovernmental Group of Twenty-Four | September 1, 2005

Anthem Press
ISBN: 843311968, £16.99 (Paperback), 347 pages


As the Bretton Woods institutions enter their sixtieth year, they face a number of challenges. Some are the result of changes that have occurred in the world economy while others are the outcome of their approaches to the problems of stabilization and development, and of their own governance structure.
The IMF and the World Bank at Sixty presents a selection of essays prepared for the Group of Twenty-Four Developing Nations (G24), by some of the foremost authorities in their fields, which address these challenges and suggest the need for reform in several areas. Ariel Buira’s introduction presents a critical overview of the functioning of the IMF and the international monetary system, underscoring a number of shortcomings that could be remedied to make it more supportive of development through changes in governance. The other essays focus on two areas: financial issues, particularly the prevention of financial crises; and secondly, the policies of the Bretton Woods institutions.
All these essays have one fundamental aim: to improve the functioning of the global economy and to better enable the developing countries to share in the gains in prosperity of recent decades.


Editor: Ariel Buira is Director of the G24 Secretariat. He has been Special Envoy of the President of Mexico for the UN Conference on Financing for Development, Ambassador of Mexico, Member of the Board of Governors of the Bank of Mexico and Executive Director of the IMF. His publications include Challenges to the World Bank and IMF: Developing Country Perspectives (Anthem Press, 2003).

Sarah Babb is Associate Professor at Boston College

Randall Dodd is Founder and Director of the Financial Policy Forum in Washington, DC

Dr. Ilene Grabel is an Economist and Associate Professor of International Finance and Co-director of the graduate program in Global Trade, Finance and Economic Integration at the Graduate School of International Studies of the University of Denver

Dr. Irfan ul Haque holds a BA and MA in Economics from the University of Punjab, and a BA, MA and PhD in Economics from the University of Cambridge

Barry Herman is Visiting Senior Fellow in the Graduate Program in International Affairs, The New School

Devesh Kapur is Frederick Danziger Associate Professor of Government at Harvard University. He is a faculty associate at the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs and the Center for International Development at Harvard University, a senior associate of the Global Economic Governance Programme at the University of Oxford and a Non-Resident Fellow at the Center for Global Development in Washington, DC

Dr. Tim Kessler, an independent consultant, wrote the present contribution when he served as the Director of Research for the Network on Essential Services

Sanjaya Lall (December 13, 1940–June 18, 2005), educated in India and Oxford, was Professor of Development Economics at the Department of International Development at Oxford University

Aziz Ali Mohammed is Advisor to Executive Director at the IMF and G24 Deputy for Pakistan

Laura dos Reis is Research Associate at the G24 Secretariat in Washington, DC

Shari Spiegel is Managing Director of Initiative for Policy Dialogue

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