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Tax Us If You Can

Tax Justice Network | September 1, 2005

The Tax Justice Network

"With so much tax revenue lost due to international evasion and avoidance, governments are forced to either reduce public spending and / or increase taxation on less mobile small companies or poorer individuals. This outcome is particularly harmful in developing countries where government spending is essential to finance sustainable development and poverty reduction; spending on health, education and infrastructure, subsidies for housing for the very poor and social safety nets are amongst the key categories of such essential spending. Cutbacks in public spending are often extremely damaging and inequitable, as is increasing taxation on the less well off and less mobile."
The Tax Justice Network (TJN) brings together organisations, social movements and individuals working for international tax co-operation and against tax evasion and tax competition. In an era of globalisation, the Tax Justice Network is committed to a socially just, democratic and progressive system of taxation.

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