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Trade on Human Terms: Transforming Trade for Human Development in Asia and the Pacific

United Nations Development Program | June 1, 2006

United Nations, Asia-Pacific Human Development Report 2006
From the Overview

How should the countries of Asia and the Pacific respond in a demanding new environment for international trade? Clearly, there can be no standard blueprint, especially for such a huge and diverse region. Nevertheless, there is a way of encompassing this diversity by viewing trade issues through a human development lens. The analysis in this Report suggests eight priorities that have a degree of general application:

1. Invest for Competitiveness
2. Adopt Strategic Trade Policies
3. Restore a Focus on Agriculture
4. Combat Jobless Growth
5. Prepare a New Tax Regime
6. Maintain Stable and Realistic Exchange Rates
7. Persist with Multilateralism
8. Cooperate with Neighbours

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