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Bloggers vs. Mullahs: How the Internet Roils Iran

| | July 28, 2006

Bill Berkeley

World Policy Journal, New York, Spring 2006, Volume 23, Issue 1: 71–78.

The Iranian blogosphere may yet develop the kind of subversive impact that Khomeini’s famous cassette tapes had in 1978 and 1979. Alavi calls the changing consciousness of Iran’s younger generation “nothing less than a revolution within the revolution.” Revolution may be too strong a word, even for those who most fervently wish for change. Many Iranians, mindful of their turbulent recent history, recoil from the idea of another revolution. The point is perhaps best expressed by Emadeddin Baghi, a leading journalist and human rights advocate who spent three years in prison: “Society itself, not the government, creates change,” Baghi has written. “And there are deep transformations occurring in Iran. Out of sight of much of the world, Iran is inching its way towards democracy.”

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