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Nixing the News: Iranian Internet Censorship

Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government | July 28, 2006

Jackie Granick

Harvard International Review, Cambridge, Summer 2005, Volume 27, Issue 2.

Closing down print newspapers has not provided the results in Iran that authorities had desired. Through the Internet, despite heavy censorship elsewhere, Iranians have continued to be informed by genuine news. Although authorities may try to deprive Iranians of news by censoring the Internet, it is more likely that targeting weblogs and news sites will instead push Iranians towards creating more sites and turning to foreign news services. But if Iranians are in fact effectively cut off from legitimate news sources, the rift between the people and the government will widen, allowing the government apparatus to unify and exacerbating the current crises of affairs in the country.

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Read More: Communication, Development, Globalization, Technology, Iran, Middle East

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