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Dynamics of Innovation in Services: How ICTs Affect the Travel and Tourism Industry in Brazil and South Africa?

By Marcia da Mota Daros | Fall 2006

Two main arguments are addressed in the paper. Some analysts point out the important role played by Information and Communication Technologies - ICTs as being the strongest and main driving force for innovation in the Travel and Tourism Industry - TTI. My argument, however, is that although ICTs do play a relevant role, they are only one part of innovative strategies. In fact, I intend to verify the hypothesis that the outcome of innovation in the TTI largely depends on the combination of technological (ICTs) and non-technological innovations.

Secondly, it is known that the TTI of emergent and developing countries has a great potential for development. However, countries such as Brazil and South Africa, despite having established competitive advantages over the last years, face many challenges. When taking innovations in the TTI into account, my argument is that, developing and emergent countries are facing more challenges than opportunities, especially considering the marketing of their destinations on the internet. Aiming to evaluate the performance of both countries concerning their accumulated capability to innovate, my question is: would these countries be able to take advantage of internet and other organizational innovations as for development of their TTI?

Download: Dynamics of Innovation in Services (PDF, 213.62 K)

Read More: Communication, Technology, Trade, Brazil, South Africa, Africa, Americas

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