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Stimulating South-South Cooperation

By Likani Lebani | November 20, 2007

The three southern economic giants (India, Brazil, South Africa) have in the recent past called for a more effective framework for south-south cooperation that straddles both economic and political ties. This paper provides a broad analysis of trade patterns between the three countries and finds that overall trade patterns fluctuate over time and are largely concentrated in resource based and low technology products. Given the link between high technology activities and competitive advantage, the challenge for the three countries is to further invest in research and development activities and enhance technological capabilities. The paper concludes by looking at options for the future, more particularly the need for strengthening technological capabilities in the three countries under focus.

Download: Stimulating South-South Cooperation: Patterns of Trade, Industrial Competitiveness and the Technological Structure of IBSA Exports (PDF, 1.15 M)

Read More: Development, Technology, Trade, Brazil, India, South Africa

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