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The South and Carbon Dioxide: Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

By Jem Bendell, Inderpreet Chawla | Robin Cosgrove Prize for Ethics in Finance | Fall 2007

© 2007 Finance & the Common Good / Bien Commun

In recent years more people have been choosing to engage in global finance to solve problems of the environment and international development. Their efforts herald a new paradigm for ethical finance, which no longer focuses on personal ethical dilemmas within existing professional frameworks but on how to use opportunities as a financial services professional to transform those frameworks so the world's most powerful motor—money—makes the world work around barriers to a more sustainable, just and healthy future.

This paper outlines how this is happening both in professions and in academia. It identifies urgent interconnected challenges of climate change, unemployment, local enterprise and poverty reduction, and suggests that a new approach to socially responsible investing is required to create new frameworks for the innovative financing of sustainable enterprise in the global South.

Download: The South and Carbondioxide: Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining (PDF, 161.42 K)

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