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Promoting the Development of the South in the Trade and Climate Regimes

South Centre | February 2008

South Centre Analytical Note

SYNOPSIS: This South Centre Analytical Note stresses that addressing the challenges of development and climate change requires an integrated approach. Both the trade and climate regimes have a role to play. In each case, a development perspective must guide discussions to ensure an outcome that advances the needs and aspirations of developing countries and their peoples. The shift to a low-carbon economy requires a range of measures to support developing countries, and sufficient development policy space to allow those countries to tailor approaches to their national contexts. In particular, developed countries must fulfill their existing international obligations in both the trade and climate regimes, and ensure that their development-related rhetoric is matched by the reality of their actions. This paper identifies a number of areas where developed countries are falling short in promoting development-oriented outcomes on trade and climate issues, and where further efforts should be made.

External Link: Promoting the Development of the South in the Trade and Climate Regimes

Read More: Governance, Globalization, Health, Technology, Trade, Americas, Europe

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