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Civil Society Benchmarks for the Doha Preparatory Process on Financing for Development

Global Policy Forum | June 27, 2008

Since the 2002 Monterrey Conference, financial flows to support the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and other internationally agreed goals, especially in the South have remained grossly inadequate, unpredictable, and volatile. The rapid growth of global capital flows has not automatically led to a corresponding increase in means available for poverty eradication and decent work. Worse, recurrent crises and dynamics in the international financial system have had grave consequences for many developing countries. The political conditions for creating an enabling environment for development, linked to the six thematic areas of the Monterrey Consensus, have, by and large, not materialized.

This document outlines areas of focus specified by civil society in advance of the November 2008 Financing for Development Conference in Doha:
  • Mobilizing National Resources
  • Private Capital for Development
  • Fair Rules for World Trade
  • Official Development Assistance
  • New International Financing Instruments
  • Lasting and Sustainable Solutions to the Debt Problems
  • Reforms of the International Financial System
  • Strengthening the Follow-up Process

External Link: Civil Society Benchmarks for the Doha Preparatory Process

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