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Free Trade Rules

Leading Opinion Pages Provide Scant Space to Critics

December 15, 2008

By Media Matters Action Network

While free-trade ideas enjoy relatively low levels of public support, they dominate the nation's major opinion pages. A majority of Americans want NAFTA renegotiated, and believe that globalization is bad for the U.S. economy, bad for job security for American workers, bad for creating jobs in the United States, and bad for the environment, but those views are rarely reflected in the opinion pages of America's three most important newspapers. In those pages, anxiety over the effects of globalization is explained away as a combination of misguided beliefs, whining, and susceptibility to grandstanding politicians. But whatever stance one takes on trade, one thing is sure: The public deserves an honest debate that includes dissenting views and speaks to legitimate economic concerns. But in some of the most important news outlets, they get nothing of the sort.

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