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Energy Discovery-Innovation Institutes

The Brookings Institution | February 2009

By James Duderstadt, Gary Was, Robert McGrath, Mark Muro, Michael Corradini, Linda Katehi, Rick Shangraw, and Andrea Sarzynski


The need to renew America's economy, foster its energy security, and respond to global climate change compels the transformation of U.S. energy policy. Innovation and its commercialization must move to the center of national reform. Not only must a broad range of carbon pricing and regulatory responses be adopted, but major increases in federal R&D are essential along with the deployment of bold new research paradigms. To that end, the federal government should establish a national network of regionally based energy discovery-innovation institutes (e-DIIs) to serve as the hubs of a distributed research network linking the nation's best scientists, engineers, and facilities. Through such a network, the nation could at once increase its current inadequate energy R&D effort and complement existing resources with a new research paradigm that would join the unique capabilities of America's research universities to those of corporate R&D and federal laboratories.

External Link: Energy Discovery-Innovation Institutes [PDF]

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