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Global Governance in a Globalized World

Global-Corporate-Alliances Have Eclipsed the Nation-State as the Key Institution of Global Governance

By Harris Gleckman | December 1, 2009

One can see in the early versions of the new global-corporate governance system analogous structures to many democratic nation-state functions. In short, the questions are: How does the executive function get done within the Global Corporate governance system? How do rules and "laws" get made under the Global Corporate Alliance (GCA)? How does the GCA collect taxes and engage with its "citizens"? How do its rules, "laws," and dispute outcomes get enforced? And how does an International Civil Society Alliance exert influence on the GCA? This paper explores these relationships, the ambivalences of the key constituencies to their new roles in global governance, and recommends areas of study that may fruitfully explore the continued evolution of the global-corporate form of governance.

This is article is part of a forthcoming book on global governance.

Download: Global Governance in a Globalized World (PDF, 62.12 K)

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