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Technological Learning and Innovation

Climbing a Tall Ladder

By Otaviano Canuto | World Bank | July 7, 2010

CREDIT: Kathryn Aaker (CC).

By Otaviano Canuto, Mark A. Dutz, and José Guilherme Reis

As the global stock of ideas expands and diffuses across and within countries, technological learning is poised to become an even more important determinant of growth through its impact on innovation. This note reviews global trends that make a policy focus on technological learning and innovation more important than ever for developing countries. The note explores how the recent global financial crisis may affect these trends and outlines several implications of these trends for innovation policy moving forward. Developing countries would benefit from an increased policy emphasis on technological learning and the adoption of more efficient existing technologies to generate more and better jobs and higher standards of living.

Download: Technological Learning and Innovation: Climbing a Tall Ladder (PDF, 468.87 K)

Read More: Communication, Education, Innovation, Poverty, Technology, United States, Americas, Global

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