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Energy Innovation at the Crossroads of National Security

Powering America's Economy

CNA | August 24, 2010

CREDIT: The U.S. Army (CC).

In this report, the CNA Military Advisory Board (CNA MAB) explores the growing challenges presented by the links that tie the nation's current energy posture to its economy and national security. We address the potential opportunities that could result from the transition to a clean energy technology-based economy and the key role that the Department of Defense (DOD) can play to support innovation and commercialization of clean, low carbon energy, thereby directly contributing to America's future economic competitiveness and bolstering national security.


  • What are the key links between national security, energy, and the economy?
  • What are the national security challenges and benefits of developing a clean energy economy in the United States?
  • How can DOD contribute to America's economic and national security while addressing its own energy challenges?


  1. The United States government should take bold and aggressive action to support clean energy technology innovation and rapidly decrease the nation's dependence on fossil fuels.
  2. The Departments of Defense and Energy should more closely align their energy-related research and development activities, funding priorities, and intellectual capital.
  3. The Department of Defense should partner with private sector innovators and establish an Operational Energy Innovation Center.
  4. The Department of Defense should require widespread sharing of energy information in its research and development enterprise.
  5. The Department of Defense should include acquiring clean energy technologies as a priority in its installation acquisition strategy.

Download: Powering America's Economy: Energy Innovation at the Crossroads of National Security Challenges (PDF, 4.13 M)

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