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Public Works and Employment Programs

Toward a Long-Term Development Approach

United Nations Development Program | June 2010

Paul Kelpe: (Machinery Abstract #2) detail, 1934

By Radhika Lal, Steve Miller, Mikel Lieuw-Kie-Song, and Daniel Kostzer

This working paper is part of a series of papers commissioned by the Inclusive Development Cluster of the United Nations Development Program's Poverty Group in the Bureau for Development Policy. The goal of the series is "to frame a response to the current economic and financial crisi in the context of a long-term development agenda" and stimulate discussion.

This paper is a discussion of public works and employment programs with an expressed interest in addressing the necessity of systemic-scale change to make an effective difference in entrenched, structural poverty. It makes the case for a longer-term development approach and assesses the desirability and feasibility of adopting a universal or a partial Employment Guarantee (EG) program.

Download: Public Works and Employment Programs: Toward a Long-Term Development Approach (PDF, 604.91 K)

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