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China Policy for Dummies


By Devin T. Stewart | Current History, September 2010

CREDIT: Andreas Beutel (CC).

"Timing in life is everything," the film critic Leonard Maltin once said. This is as true in book publishing as it is in life. Stefan Halper's new book—The Beijing Consensus: How China's Authoritarian Model Will Dominate the Twenty-First Century—is, like Halper's previous works, unoriginal. But it benefits from good timing.

The book's argument is that China's economic inroads into the developing world are "shrinking the West," and that the country's values will be "corrosive to Western preeminence," leading to a global "war of ideas." Despite Halper's implication that he is alone in offering such observations, Asia hands have been making them for a decade.

Download: China Policy for Dummies (PDF, 63.96 K)

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