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Urban Innovation

New Orleans Five Years After Katrina

By Philip E. Auerswald | Innovations: Technology, Governance, Globalization | March 30, 2011

CREDIT: Graffiti on the new levee, by Everett Taasevigen (CC).

Special Edition for the Tulane-Rockefeller 2010 Model City Conference


Innovation Amidst Crisis: Tulane University's Strategic Transformation
Scott S. Cowen and Amanda P. Cowen

Social Innovation, Civic Infrastructure, and Rebuilding New Orleans from the Inside Out
Judith Rodin

A City's Renewal Animated by Entrepreneurial Spirit
Walter Isaacson


Toward a Tipping Point for Talent: How the Idea Village is Creating an Entrepreneurial Movement in New Orleans
Tim Williamson

The Underground Railroad for New Life: Improving Outcomes for Mothers and Babies of African Descent
Kathryn Hall-Trujillo

Putting Capital Back to Work: The Receivables Exchange Creates a New Way for Small and Midsized Business to Manage Cash Flow
Nicolas Perkin


Engagement, Ecology, and Design Education: Outreach Work of the Tulane City Center
Scott Bernhard

Fellows and Scholars: Building Talent for the Future of New Orleans
Valerie Piper

The Art of Sustaining Social Innovation: Markets, Imagination, and Rapid Prototyping
Sara Brenner with Andrea Bassett

External Link: Urban Innovation: New Orleans Five Years After Katrina

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