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Ethics in Finance: Robin Cosgrove Prize 2012–2013

Robin Cosgrove Prize for Ethics in Finance | December 19, 2013

CREDIT: Ken Teegardin (CC).


"Lessons from LIBOR: Moving beyond Compliance to Explore the Dynamics of Ethics in Banks"
Prabhay Joshi

"Corporate Market Responsibility: Ethical Regulation for Orderly Financial Markets"
Rafel ARP Gomes

"Suppose We Change the (meta)Rules of the Game?"
Ewa Kruchowska

"Banking, Ethics and Sustainability: The Need for a Self-critical Look at Corporate Social Responsibility Strategies"
Beatriz Cuevas Fernández

"The Need to Make Ethics Part of Finance: A New Dimension in Corporate Governance in Latin America"
Guadalupe del Carmen Briano Turrent

"Online Interbank Funding Platform for Social-impact Projects"
Ángel López Ortega

"Pour un marché du crédit aux particuliers plus éthique : l'introduction d'une composante conjoncturelle anticyclique dans le coût du crédit"
Fabien Hassan

"Why Even Good People Are Likely to Do Bad Things in Finance—It's Not the People that Are Flawed, It's the Culture"
Krzysztof Osesik

"Primum non nocere (First Do No Harm): Can the Principles of Medical Ethics Be Applied to Finance?"
Joanna Givens

"Common Sense"
Elia Breijo Pena

"Epistemological Foundations for the Relationship between Ethics and Finance"
Germán Scalzo

Download: Ethics in Finance: Robin Cosgrove Prize 2012–2013 (PDF, 1.34 M)

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