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Making Healthcare Affordable for All: A Proposed Model for Transferring Technology

Innovations Case Discussion: Aurolab

Innovations: Technology, Governance, Globalization | Summer 2006

V. Kasturi Rangan

Innovations: Technology, Governance, Globalization

In this commentary Rangan reflects on what could have happened for cataract surgery in India had not an innovator like Aurolab emerged. In the limelight of Aurolab’s achievements, he would like to draw attention to an alternative scenario, one that is far more prevalent than one cares to acknowledge in many poor countries, especially in healthcare. Such disparities are only likely to worsen as the pressure toward worldwide intellectual property adherence gains momentum, and as countries like India enter the WTO.

Rangan's analysis and recommendations have implications for Aurolab as it attempts to grow as a medical device supplier in the Indian and world markets, and also for a host of other such organizations including pharmaceutical manufacturers in developing countries. More importantly, his argument has implications for technology owners: he recommends that such companies boldly seek appropriate licensees in order to diffuse their technologies quickly, rather than slowly.

Download: Making Healthcare Affordable for All (PDF, 105.64 K)

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