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Creating Standards for Multi-Stakeholder Governance
Harris Gleckman 07/29/15
Many people in civil society and in governmental circles feel ambivalent about this new global governance approach. Should multi-stakeholders be in charge of "solving" global problems?

Satellites Spot Deforestation in Almost-approved Peruvian National Park
A proposed national park in Peru sits on the apparent cusp of approval, even as it suffers deforestation at the hands of illegal loggers, miners, and coca growers.

Schools Aren't Just Buildings
Innovation education is critical in East Africa and beyond.

Europe's Airpocalypse
When it comes to air pollution, Europe's policymakers should stop preaching to others and focus on fixing their own problems.

Taxing Tobacco
Oleg Chestnov & Tim Evans propose a cheap effective strategy to bring about a reduction in smoking.

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