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Is the 2015 Paris Conference the Last Chance to Save Our Planet?
We have squandered the chance of keeping global warming below two-degree Celsius limit unless we take draconian action, says climate scientist Kevin Anderson.

Could Open Labs Be the Key to Cracking the World’s Toughest Health Problems?
Despite the evident benefits inherent to open disease research and treatment development, investment in open labs has been scarce.

Ebola and Inequality
Joseph Stiglitz 11/10/14
Joseph E. Stiglitz examines the lessons learned so far from the current crisis.

Why Taxation Must Go Global
Wolfgang Schäuble 10/30/14
International standards and enforcement could prevent tax evasion and avoidance.

Local Food Systems: A Green Way of Life, or a Luxury Only for Elites?
While many celebrate salad greens, the local food movement is cultivating exclusivity and becoming less and less budget friendly.

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