The Rights of Nature: Reconsidered

CREDIT: Shutterstock

Peter Burdon argues that the environmental rights movement would benefit from more strenuous critical engagement with the question of nature's potential legal "rights."  > More


Four Countries Eclipse EU Renewable Goals Early

CREDIT: Shutterstock

While many countries struggle to cut emissions, Sweden, Bulgaria, Estonia, and Lithuania have met or surpassed their renewable energy target ahead of schedule. How?


Africa's Rising GDP Numbers

CREDIT: Dimitra Tzanos (CC).

Laurance Allen

African countries are recalculating their gross domestic products to include previously unaccounted economic activities. Is it a strategy of these countries to market themselves or does rebasing reflect the economic reality of the situation?


Dual Legacy: The Effect of Business Thinking on the Social Sector

Melinda Gates visiting the Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) Unit at Bwaila Hospital in Lilongwe, Malawi. CREDIT: Gates Foundation (CC<

Steve Davis, Stanley N. Katz, Amber Kiwan, Darin McKeever, Tom Paulson, Julia Taylor Kennedy

This is a close look at a huge issue—legacy—examining how it relates to contemporary philanthropy and the social sector in general. Specifically, we examine the $37-billion Gates Foundation's dual legacy in promoting global health, and in shaping the social sector at large.


Shakespeare on the Shop Floor

CREDIT: Shutterstock

Rachel Burstein, Ann Kowal Smith

A pioneering organization is using literature to enable other sorts of conversations at the workplace—the types of conversations that successful companies need to have.


Triple Jeopardy: Girls and Women Affected by Leprosy are Discriminated Against Because of Gender, Stigma, and Disabilities

CREDIT: Shutterstock

Women with leprosy face high levels of social discrimination and encounter difficulties in access to education, employment, public transportation, and marriage.


Bye, Doctor, Hi, "Cloud"

Miriam, the diagnostic tool created by the Miroculus team.

Irene Pedruelo

A team of entrepreneurs based in San Francisco is turning the out-of-date diagnostic industry upside down.


Good Environmental Policies Equal More Just Societies

Flood in Bangladesh. CREDIT: Students at Charupeeth School of Fine Art. (CC).

Alison Singer

Conserving natural resources and the environment is an integral part of a socially just society. The big challenge is to make sure that decision-makers recognize this—and act on it.


Tourism, Farmers, & Technology in Africa: A Conversation With Eddie Mandhry from NYU Africa House

CREDIT: Shutterstock

Eddie Mandhry, Alex Woodson

"Across Africa there is a movement where people are adopting technologies and leapfrogging some of the developmental stages that you'd have to go through."

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