The Rebirth of Rwanda

CREDIT: Neil Palmer / CIAT (CC).

Louise Mushikiwabo

Rwanda has made a lot of progress in the twenty years since the genocide, but the world is still not equipped to handle mass atrocities.  > More


Green Politics Is Just High-end Consumerism (If We Don't Connect It to Race and Class)

CREDIT: Sarah Kanouse (CC).

Marc Bamuthi Joseph

It would be wise for the environmental movement to use the arts as a vessel for kindling empathy and inspiration in historically disenfranchised communities.

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Sustainable Sourcing of Phytochemicals as a Development Tool: The Case of Somaliland’s Frankincense Industry

CREDIT: Ali Almossawi (CC).

Anjanette DeCarlo, Saleem H. Ali

This study examines the role the phytochemical sector can play in creating a supply chain for a sustainable niche market.

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Why Is Reducing Energy Subsidies a Prudent, Fair, and Transformative Policy for Indonesia?

CREDIT: Riza Nugraha (CC).

Ndiame Diop

With energy subsidies taking a big chunk out of Indonesia's budget, the time is right to roll them back and pay for vital services like infrastructure and health instead.


Rwandan Cycling Rises from the Ashes of Genocide

CREDIT: Marc (CC).

Evan O'Neil

The film Rising from Ashes is an inspirational story of how Rwandan cyclists are working hard to compete on the highest international stages.


A United Front in the War for Wildlife

Ivory market in Kinshasa. CREDIT: Emma Stokes © WCS.

Simon Hedges

Conservationists need a unified approach to stop the illegal trade in wildlife: species protection, human development, good governance, and enforcement.


Education Without Borders

CREDIT: UN Photo / Mark Garten (CC).

Gordon Brown

There cannot be universal access to education without an agreement that we will cater to young people in conflict zones. A pilot project in Lebanon leads the way.


Forced Evictions Defeat the Spirit of Big Sporting Events


Priscila Néri

The evicted residents of Rio demand to be included in the benefits and the legacies of big tournaments like the World Cup and Olympics.


To Lead Tomorrow, Future Leaders Must Learn to Read Today

CREDIT: John Issac / World Bank (CC).

Mabruk Kabir

A country's destiny follows the learning curve of its children. If all students in poor countries were taught basic reading skills, 171 million people could be lifted out of poverty.


Building Resilience

CREDIT: Randy Le'Moine Photography (CC).

Kavitha Rajagopalan

Now is the time for New York to take control of its aging infrastructure and set aside a fund for investing in and upgrading pipelines and buildings around the city.


Make Eliminating Extreme Inequality a Sustainable Development Goal

CREDIT: Glenn Halog (CC).

Joseph Stiglitz, Michael Doyle

Eliminate extreme inequality at the national level in every country. This idea should be included in the world's development goals.

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