"The Third World War Will be About Water"

Rajasthan, India. CREDIT: Shutterstock.

Rajendra Singh, known as the "water man of India," believes that critically depleted aquifers around the world can be revived with community effort.  > More


The Eternal UN Declaration of Human Rights

CREDIT: Shutterstock.

Jeremy Waldron assesses the Universal Declaration of Human Rights' enduring relevance to establishing the ethics of global responsibility.


Unsustainable Development Goals?

CREDIT: Shutterstock.

Ngaire Woods advocates cash transfers for the poor, instead of complicated and inefficient aid programs.


Going into Business for Wildlife Conservation

CREDIT: Manuel Scrimshaw.

To achieve large-scale, long- term success, wildlife conservationists need to think like the private sector and invest in business innovation.


Beyond Carbon Metrics

CREDIT: Shutterstock.

Is our single-minded obsession with measurement undermining effective climate action?


"We are Entering the Rare Metal Age"


Irene Pedruelo, David S. Abraham

David S. Abraham argues that as we move away from fossil fuels, the demand for the rare metals needed for green technology will increase. Understanding the political, economic,and environmental implications of these elements is at the heart of a sustainable future.


Xinjiang Ban on Glacier Tourism Ignores The Bigger Problem

Tianshan mountain system, China. CREDIT: Yunsheng Bai (CC).

Xinjiang's ban on glacier tourism in northwestern China will do little to reverse the loss of ice caused by climate change—a crucial source of water for the country and much of Asia.


Food Labels, Taxes, and Subsidies—the Egg of Columbus in the Obesity Crisis?

CREDIT: Shutterstock.

Wilma Waterlander

Food labeling and food pricing do not do much to change this food system; they only address the symptoms. To really make a difference to health (and environmental sustainability), we have to change the system itself.


"Streetfight" by Janette Sadik-Khan

Amrita Gupta

In "Streetfight" Sadik-Khan breaks down her achievements into replicable ideas for urban planners and traffic engineers everywhere, and she also reminds us that the fight for a better city isn't over.

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