Why Climate Change Divestment Will Not Work

Fossil fuel free rally celebrated in Edinburgh last February. CREDIT: Friends of the Earth Scotland (CC).

Instead of devoting scarce resources toward a divestment campaign, Scott Wisor argues we need to direct attention to the more urgent and effective task of placing a price on carbon.  > More


The Secret of Singapore's Success

Well wishes to beloved Mr Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore. CREDIT: Shutterstock

Stavros N. Yiannouka

Stavros N. Yiannouka highlights the heavy investment in education that remains a key part of Lee Kuan Yew's legacy.


The Truth About Medical Consent

CREDIT: Toca Boca (CC).

Daniel Sokol

Daniel Sokol asks how doctors can balance the imperatives of providing full information and maintaining hope.


The Smartification of Humanitarian Response

Emergency support to the Victorian flood relief effort (Australia). CREDIT: Australian Department of Defense (CC).

Moses Sitati

The "data revolution" is underway, ushering a smart era of humanitarian and development work.


When Restrictions Apply

CREDIT: Shutterstock

Why general funding for non-profit organizations is the future of innovation.


Not Free Vaccines, Mr. Gates, Just Sustainably-priced Ones

CREDIT: Shutterstock

Sara Crager

Recent comments made by Bill Gates publicly criticizing Doctors without Borders for calling for reductions in the prices of new vaccines leads to public outcry.

Policy Library

The Rights of Nature: Reconsidered

CREDIT: Shutterstock

Peter Burdon

Peter Burdon argues that the environmental rights movement would benefit from more strenuous critical engagement with the question of nature's potential legal "rights."


Africa's Rising GDP Numbers

CREDIT: Dimitra Tzanos (CC).

Laurance Allen

African countries are recalculating their gross domestic products to include previously unaccounted economic activities. Is it a strategy of these countries to market themselves or does rebasing reflect the economic reality of the situation?


Shakespeare on the Shop Floor

CREDIT: Shutterstock

Rachel Burstein, Ann Kowal Smith

A pioneering organization is using literature to enable other sorts of conversations at the workplace—the types of conversations that successful companies need to have.

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