Empowering Women and Girls: The Impact of Gender Equality on Public Health

CREDIT: Gates Foundation (CC)

Deborah Derrick

Gender inequality is a strong driver of HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria. The Global Fund is reaching out to women to correct this imbalance and save lives.  > More


How I Brought a River, and My City, Back to Life

CREDIT: TED Talks and Aziza Chaouni Projects

Aziza Chaouni

An architect in Fez, Morocco is converting a polluted and sewage-filled river in her hometown into a usable, public space.


A Storm in a Bucket: Lessons from the Ice Bucket Challenge Controversy

CREDIT: University of Central Arksansas (CC)

Kei Hiruta

Fun-based activism such as the Ice Bucket Challenge does not persuade you; it mobilizes you. That's why it's been so successful.


Health in a Time of Ebola

CREDIT: European Commission DG ECHO (CC)

Prabhjot Singh

Efforts to respond to an epidemic should not undercut investment in community health workers. These medical staff are vital in areas where access to proper care and trust is limited.


Rose Niu: Conservation on the Tipping Point

CREDIT: Shutterstock

John Haffner, Rose Niu

Conservation in China is a long-term struggle that has only intensified with rapid economic growth. To bring degraded ecosystems back, the country needs ambitious plans and a new paradigm.


The Ethics of Innovation


Christopher Fabian, Robert Fabricant

An ethical framework can connect the worlds of start-up technology and international development to strengthen cross-sector innovation in the social sector.

Policy Library

Advancing Sustainable Business in China

CREDIT: chinadialogue (CC)

Isabel Hilton

This special issue of chinadialogue's journal exposes polluters and highlights some of the best examples and models of sustainability in China today.


Bonds of the Diaspora

CREDIT: Bread for the World (CC)

Mahmoud Mohieldin, Dilip Ratha

Remittances from international migrants account for a large percentage of GDP in developing countries. What are ways to make savings easier for these workers and their families?

Policy Library

The BRICS Development Bank: Why the World's Newest Global Bank Must Adopt a Pro-Poor Agenda

CREDIT: Presidential Press and Information Office, Russia (CC)

Oxfam International argues that the newly created BRICS Development Bank must commit to fighting poverty and inequality.


FAIRNESS AND ITS OPPOSITE: International Student Photo Contest

CREDIT: Aldrich Lim (CC).

Carnegie Council announces its second annual International Student Photography Contest. This year's theme is "Fairness and Its Opposite."


Toward Understanding Our World's Moral Landscape: Carnegie Council's Centennial Projects on a "Global Ethic"

CREDIT: Thomas Hawk (CC)

Devin T. Stewart

What do leading thinkers believe to be the greatest ethical challenges of today and the future? Carnegie Council Senior Fellow Devin Stewart writes on the highlights of this interview series.

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