Viva La Vulva

CREDIT: Shutterstock

Viva la Vulva, a medical student society, is trying to raise awareness in the UK around female genital mutilation.  > More


Ethical Negotiation: Not an Oxymoron

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Julia Taylor Kennedy, Amber Kiwan

Turning to behavioral science for insight, we learn that transparency and prioritizing joint gains can keep negotiations above-board, and might help companies avoid the pitfalls that beset Dell Computers a few years ago.


Climate Change and the Catholic Church

Pope Francis in St. Peter's Square in Vatican City, on May 6, 2015. CREDIT: Shutterstock

Jeffrey Sachs

Jeffrey D. Sachs defends Pope Francis from those who say he should stick to religion.


The "University Report Card" Highlights Need for more University Research into Neglected Diseases

Deer flies are potential vectors for tularemia. CREDIT: Donald Jusa (CC)

Commercially driven drug development has rapidly become incompatible with the needs of society. Universities could have the key to the solution.


Interview: The Guardian's Editor on His Climate Crusade

Alan Rusbridger, editor at "The Guardian," 2014. CREDIT: Alessio Jacona (CC)

"The Guardian" newspaper has waged an unprecedented campaign to keep fossil fuels "in the ground" as part of the fight against climate change.


The Ethics Police?: The Struggle to Make Human Research Safe

Body Worlds science exhibition features corpses that have been preserved and solidified through a process called plastination. The exhibition has raised ethical questions. CREDIT: PhotonQ

When it comes to medical research using human beings, who decides what's right? What does "informed consent" mean when you need a law degree to understand the consent forms? How are clinical trails conducted overseas? Dr. Klitzman explores these troubling and complex ethical concerns.


Reversing Climate Change: A Vision of an Organic Planet

CREDIT: Maja Petric.

"Coach" Mark Smallwood

Mark Smallwood, executive director at Rodale Institute, claims that a global shift to regenerative organic agriculture can reverse climate change.


Technology and Finance: Darwinism or Symbiosis?

Photo by Len dela Cruz (CC).

Andy Yee

An open innovative mindset on the part of both banks and non-banks alike will be key to modernize the infrastructure of banking.


What Makes a City Great? It’s not the Liveability but the Loveability

People celebrating "Raahgiri Day," a car-free and pollution-free day in the streets of New Delhi, India.
CREDIT: Nidhi Gulati and Manisha Balani from Project for Public Spaces.

Irene Pedruelo

A conversation about cities, suburbs, and the consequences of exporting the "Western" city model to the world with Ethan Kent, senior vice president of Project for Public Spaces.

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