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Gillian Sorensen

Gillian Sorensen is senior advisor and national advocate for the United Nations Foundation.

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FLOW is an emerging movement dedicated to liberating the entrepreneurial spirit and focusing it on the goals of sustainable peace, prosperity, and happiness for all, in the next 50 years. The word FLOW, refers to an optimal state of human experience in which individuals are fully engaged in creative endeavors, experiencing fulfillment, happiness, and well-being; and the means by which increases in the free global flow of goods, services, capital, people, and information will accelerate human progress and well-being. FLOW's purpose is to serve as an entrepreneur of meaning to other organizations and initiatives; to put forth an inspiring vision, point to examples of the vision applied, catalyze inquiry, dialog, and action; and to cultivate awareness of the powerful role creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs play in the evolution and elevation of humanity, and to describe and foster those social, cultural, and legal conditions that will allow for increasingly effective entrepreneurial solutions to all problems.

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