Social Science Research Council

Description The Social Science Research Council leads innovation, builds interdisciplinary and international networks, and focuses research on important public issues. Independent and not-for-profit, the Social Science Research Council is guided by the belief that justice, prosperity, and democracy all require better understanding of complex social, cultural, economic, and political processes. We work with practitioners, policymakers, and academic researchers in all the social sciences, related professions, and the humanities and natural sciences. With partners around the world, we mobilize existing knowledge for new problems, link research to practice and policy, strengthen individual and institutional capacities for learning, and enhance public access to information. We bring necessary knowledge to public action.

Social Science Research Council
Related Person Eric Hershberg, Program Director, Latin America
Contact 810 Seventh Avenue
New York, N.Y.  10019
Phone: 212.377.2700
Fax: 212.377.2727
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Focus: Governance, Migration, Poverty, Trade, United States, Global

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