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Description In 2005, $170 billion USD will be sent by family members working and living in the North to their loved ones in the global South. Most will use the money transfer services of a financial institution headquartered in the United States, and will lose $25-30 billion USD in the process. Corporate-driven globalization has forced expressions of love for family and community through the wires—for a hefty fee.

But if turned into an organizing opportunity, this experience for millions of people can become a powerful force in advancing global justice by holding these corporations accountable to the needs of the people. The Transnational Institute for Grassroots Research and Action (TIGRA) is a transnational organizing project of globalized constituents that aims to transform the social, political, and economic relationships under globalization. TIGRA’s mission is to build a “people-centered transnational framework” for organizing, developing opportunities for action-based strategies that strengthen cross-ethnic leadership and promote systemic change.
Related Person Francis Calpotura, Executive Director
Contact 3781 Broadway
Oakland, CA  94611
Phone: 510-653-3415
Fax: 510-653-3427
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Focus: Development, Finance, Globalization, Migration, Poverty, United States, Global

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