Digital Solidarity Fund

Description Transforming the digital divide into digital opportunities to promote peace, sustainable development, democracy, transparency and good governance constitutes the basic objective of the Digital Solidarity Fund. The Fund’s mode of operation is based on traditional North-South cooperation, in addition to an increased cooperation effort between the emerging South and the least developed countries, an approach which is often better suited to local realities. The funds raised are used to support projects aimed at reducing digital disparities, particularly through financing:

Development projects that have a strong impact on socio-economic activities and preserve cultural diversity; non-solvent demand in order to create new activities and, in due course, new markets and improved job opportunities; the supply of appropriate equipment; the development of local contents, applications and services for administrations and communities (health, education, etc.), particularly for marginalized groups (women, disabled people, etc.); the training of human resources and the fight against intellectual migration.
Contact Villa La Concorde
20, Rue de la Concorde
Genève  1203
Phone: + 41 22 979 32 50
Fax: + 41 22 979 32 51
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Focus: Development, Environment, Finance, Gender, Globalization, Governance, Migration, Poverty, Technology, Switzerland, Global

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