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Description Towards Area-Based Global Studies (AGLOS) is Sophia University's COE (Center of Excellence) program. It is a program for research and graduate education aimed at understanding the interaction between global processes in the political, social, economic, and cultural spheres on the one hand, and local society and history, on the other. In recent years, a growing number of universities around the world, mainly in North America and Europe, have set up academic programs in global studies. The establishment of AGLOS at Sophia University reflects our commitment to explicating global phenomena from the standpoint of the local specificities of Japan, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, and Europe. AGLOS also firmly integrates Sophia University's traditional strength in area studies with the pursuit of a new focus on global studies in the scholarly endeavor to explain today's world.

In the sphere of research, our ambition is to establish an Area-Based Global Studies as the joint endeavor of twenty-some core AGLOS members in close cooperation with faculty from the programs of Area Studies, International Relations, and Global Studies in Sophia University's Graduate School of Global Studies, as well as researchers from elsewhere in the university, collaborators from our overseas partner centers and other outside scholars, as well as our own graduate students. The three foci of the AGLOS research agenda are: (I) "Politics in Globalization: Multi-Layered Governance"; (II) "Society and Economy in Globalization: Civil Society, Development, and Trade"; (III) "Culture in Globalization: Cross-Border Religions and Cultures/Identities in Flux." The goal is to bring together joint research projects in these three focus areas, thereby contributing to the international body of knowledge through publication of scholarly works.

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Focus: Globalization, Governance, Migration, Trade, Japan, Asia, Global

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