Center for Fair and Alternative Trade Studies

Description The Center for Fair and Alternative Trade Studies, based at Colorado State University, is a multidisciplinary program to study the pursuit of social justice and environmental sustainability through fair and alternative trade initiatives. The Center was established on the idea that critical assessment of this emerging global phenomenon will provide scholars, practitioners, conscious consumers, and progressive producers with much-needed insights into the options and potential for market-based initiatives for social change.

The Center is building activities in three basic areas: research, education, and outreach. The Center staff will work with Center Associates, Center Fellows, students, and community members to provide timely research on cutting edge questions; workshops and seminars on issues identified by the many different stakeholders and interested parties; and local, national, and international outreach initiatives to advance the understanding of fair and alternative trade.
Related People Douglas Murray, Codirector
Laura Raynolds, Codirector
Contact Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO  80523
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Focus: Development, Economy, Environment, Ethics, Globalization, Human Rights, Trade, United States, Americas, Global

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