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Description Through education, engagement, and action, Focus the Nation empowers young leaders to accelerate the transition to a more just and prosperous clean-energy future, offering a new way to engage face-to-face with elected officials and business leaders in Congressional districts across the country. This sustained engagement forges intergenerational partnerships that will accelerate the clean-energy transition and provide lifelong skills so that young people remain clean-energy change agents in today's workforce.

The United States must become a global leader by sharply reducing its carbon emissions and setting an example for the rest of the world. Tackling climate change will revitalize the American economy with new jobs and investment in clean American energy sources that are profitable and equitable. Young people must help lead our nation's response to climate change, as new generations will spend the coming decades innovating and implementing solutions, as well as adapting to the impacts.

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Contact 917 SW Oak Street, Suite 208
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Focus: Democracy, Education, Energy, Environment, Governance, Science, Technology, United States, Americas

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