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Description Economics for Equity and the Environment: E3 Network is a network of economists who are developing and applying economic arguments for active protection of human health and the natural environment.

E3 Network emerged out of a series of conversations between academics, non-profit professionals, and foundation officers about the need for creating a stronger link between economics and the environmental movement, for developing an alternative to the anti-regulatory anti-reform bias that dominates public policy debates, and for creating a network of economists actively working for environmental protection.

E3 Network's mission is to develop better theory and research within the economics profession, and to involve economists who share our principles more actively in policy development, through dialogue and cooperation with environmental advocates.
Contact Attn: Kristen Sheeran, E3 Network c/o Ecotrust
721 NW 9th Avenue, Suite 200
Portland, OR  97209
Phone: 503-467-0811
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Focus: Economy, Environment, Ethics, Health, United States, Americas, Global

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