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Description A Glimmer of Hope is a compassionate social enterprise making a sustainable difference in the lives of some of the poorest people in the world. Since 2000, A Glimmer of Hope has helped more than two million people improve their quality of life. The foundation believes justice, equality, and dignity are everyone's birthright and where you are born should not determine whether you live or die.

A Glimmer of Hope has developed an innovative and entrepreneurial approach to Humanitarian Aid and Development. It starts at the village level as we listen to community leaders about what they need. Then, using a bottom up instead of a top down approach, we work with those communities to develop a plan and identify projects that truly reflect the true necessities of those communities.

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Contact 3600 North Capital of Texas Highway
Building B, Suite 330
Austin, TX  78746
Phone: (512) 328-9944
Fax: (512) 328-8872
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Focus: Agriculture, Aid, Development, Education, Gender, Health, Human Rights, Jobs, Poverty, Finance, Ethiopia, United States, Africa, Americas

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